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Throw an “Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader” Party

Throw an “Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader” Party

Looking for a great party idea? Invite guests to your own rendition of the hit game show “Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader.” Test their knowledge, or lack thereof, of grade school facts. Much like the hit game show, grownups will find themselves in disbelief over how much they have forgotten since elementary school. You will surely make the “honor roll” when you throw this A+ party for your friends.

Create the Atmosphere

Make a classroom setting:

·Create a blackboard (or use a real one) at the front of the room to serve as the game board (Print up to six topics on the board: First Grade Math, Third Grade Social Studies, Fifth Grade Earth Science, etc., and make up several easy questions for each.)

·Decorate a “teacher’s desk” in font of the blackboard (Place the following on the desk…an apple, a stack of books, a pencil cup full of sharpened pencils, a globe, a pencil sharpener, a candy jar, etc.)

·Arrange two student desks facing the blackboard…one for the student helper and one for the contestant

Decorate for 8-year-olds

Tie red helium balloons to bright red apples and place all around the party room

Hang grade-school poster cutouts on the walls (found at teacher supply stores)

Stack shoeboxes at the entry to the party to serve a “cubbies” for the guest to stow their belongings

Hang a large map on the wall

Place an American flag in the corner of the room

Use old-fashioned lunch boxes as centerpieces on the tables

Print guests’ names on wooden rulers and use as place markers on the tables

Play the Game

Before the party, find two or three elementary students to serve as student helpers. Make sure they are aware of how the game works. Let them know that they will be asked to answer grade-school questions. (Plan to play the game at the start of the party, so youngsters can slip away early.) Also choose a friend (if not yourself) to play the part of the game show host, or teacher. Make sure the host is familiar with the scenario of the game.

Explain the rules of the game and ask if anyone thinks they are “smarter than a fifth grader.” Choose a fun-loving, willing contestant and start the laughs. After the first contestant finishes, or graduates, choose someone else and play another round.

Make it More Fun

Create fake money (personalized with details about the party) to award the winning contestants. Record the music from the game show on TV and have it playing during the party. Serve sack lunches: pack each guest a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, a bag of chips and a small dessert in a paper lunch sack. Fold down the tops and print the names of the guests on the bags with a magic marker. Place the lunch sacks in the middle of the food table and surround them with plenty of finger foods. Fill coolers with juice boxes and milk cartons, and of course have a second cooler filled with beer and bottled water.

For a fun touch, ask guests to come to the party dressed as grade-schoolers or teachers. Set up an elementary school “picture day” backdrop and take digital pictures of guests. Print the pictures and send them home in manila envelopes.

Request that guests bring a grade-school photo of themselves (if they can find one) and have a “guess the grade-schooler” game during the party.

For take-home favors, order personalized pencils and notepads. Pack them into zipper pouches or small school supply boxes along with glue sticks, fruit cups, big lollipops and Twinkies.