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Should Tom Brady have remained retired from the NFL? – World in Sport

Should Tom Brady have remained retired from the NFL? – World in Sport

Published on 23 Nov 2022 10:59 pm (UK Time)

Tom Brady is arguably the NFL’s greatest-ever player and is certainly the highest-quality quarterback of all time, having led two different teams to Super Bowl triumphs. Brady initially retired in February in a decision that was taken due to his age and an eagerness to spend more time with his family. However, he simply could not stay away from the sport and announced his return for one final season with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Last season he bowed out of the sport after a playoff loss to the Los Angeles Rams but the quarterback did extremely well to guide his team to that stage considering the lack of quality receivers on the roster. Brady announced in July that this current season will be his last in the sport, and prior to the beginning of the season, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers were seen as one of the big favorites to win the Super Bowl in the new year.

Nonetheless, a poor start has now left them as +1500 outsiders to be eventual Super Bowl winners in Bodog’s Vegas NFL lines, and prior to the season, they were touted as highly as third favorites to win the competition.

In recent weeks, the Buccaneers have lost to an Aaron Rodgers-fuelled Green Bay Packers in a narrow low scoring contest on an occasion that showed that Rodgers had many superior receivers at his disposal. The loss to Kansas City Chiefs was all the more agonizing as the rookie got the better of the veteran Patrick Mahomes and led his side to victory.

Ironically, Mahomes is seen as the next stellar figure in the sport that could potentially build a reputation and legacy as impressive as Brady’s.

The signs are certainly starting to show that perhaps Brady has overstayed his time in the NFL and that age might be catching up to him. Last year may have been the perfect time to stay in retirement but Brady has already committed to one final season now, and in his own words he would never quit anything that he has started.

In the last few games, embarrassment has certainly peaked for Brady and the Buccaneers… A narrow defeat to the Pittsburgh Steelers on the road was followed by a 21-3 demolition at the hands of the Carolina Panthers.

Brady finished with a passer rating below 100 against the Panthers and looked completely amateur on the field as he struggled to gain any grip on the game his side struggled as a result as he is often the leader they look towards to drive them forward. The former New England Patriots man attempted 49 passes without recording a single pass leading to a touchdown which is remarkably based on the standards he has maintained throughout his long career.

It has been a strange start to the NFL season. The Buccaneers and Packers are led by veterans who have won on the biggest stage before with Brady and Rodgers expected to be incredibly strong. They were seen as top favorites, but both are on steady downward spirals so far.

Perhaps Brady should have stayed out of the sport, his initial retirement suggests he felt his time was up and he maybe returned out of sentiment rather than truly believing he had one last season in him.

Considering that, for many, he is the undisputed greatest-ever player to grace a football field, there is no wonder he wished to chase one final dose of glory and prolong his legacy even further. One thing is for sure: what the Buccaneers and Brady are showing on the field right now is harming his legacy and reputation, and will impact how he is remembered within the game by some.

Should Tom Brady have remained retired from the NFL? – World in Sport