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Cohabitation and Marriage – Is Living Together a Good Idea?

Cohabitation and Marriage – Is Living Together a Good Idea?

Many couples choose to live together in order to be able to know each other’s background and thus ensure the success of their domestic partnership over the years. In time, they may form a family.

Some such couples live in the homes of their parents. When you live together as a couple, it is different and there are fewer bills to pay. Life may begin to enter a routine, and the couple’s success depends on both parties. It seems less of a game of chance.

Even though religion and society oppose such unions before marriage, more and more couples decide to do this for their own good because this way they can get to know their partner better and make the decision to marry or separate, depending on the results. Prior to marriage, many couples have made this decision in order to give themselves a chance to know their partner and thereby avoid making a mistake, a mistake that may cost them happiness.

Unfortunately, studies show that cohabitation before marriage causes divorce rates that are higher. In a Canadian General Social Survey, 63% of relationships in which one lives before marriage end in separation, in comparison with 33% of couples who live together after marriage.

This is a little hard to believe for some, because when someone lives with their partner they have the opportunity to learn about their background, their tastes, their way of being so on, and that helps determine whether one supports the other and is one with whom to marry and raise a family.

There are cases where many people believe that to find love in their lives they should decide to live together, and everything fails in the first week. But there are also those couples, who, living together every day, find something new to say or do with each other and have a coexistence that is very good. So it depends on each partner, because each has his or her way of being.

If we start to think about these customs we can say that it is somewhat difficult to truly gauge the lifestyle of another person, considering differences in the social stratum, education and so on. It is good to understand that the two parties are different and come from different backgrounds, but in the end each must use their wisdom to know how to make a home.

Although religion, society and even statistics do not recommend that couples live together before marriage, what you should keep in mind is that everyone is free to decide what they like. Not all partners are equal and each have different positions on married life. It all depends on the kind of people, what are the conditions under which each one lives, with location, economics and many other factors influencing this important decision. So listen to your inner voice and do what it tells you.