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Wrighster Reacts: Serena Williams is the GOAT and Shouldn’t Compare Herself to Tom Brady

Wrighster Reacts: Serena Williams is the GOAT and Shouldn’t Compare Herself to Tom Brady

We require to converse about is the aggressive fireplace that has Serena Williams hunting at a 45-yr previous Tom Brady and feeling like her profession is in any way fewer than comprehensive.

As a spectator and customer of women’s sports activities, and a admirer of excellence, I’d be lying if I claimed I didn’t sense like I was missing out on something each and every time an elite woman athlete has to choose a calendar year off to mature and birth another human staying. 

It can make complete sense to me that Serena Williams would battle to reconcile two of the finest matters in her daily life. The concept that because she’s a lady, parenthood takes away from the possible of athletic greatness is a little something I’ve under no circumstances experienced to even contemplate. 

That’s what delivers me to my level. Probably we, and by we I’m including Serena Williams, shouldn’t be on the lookout at the actual physical labor of growing a household as an unfair gender dynamic that leaves male athletes in a more admirable place to realize longevity and improve their likely.

Maybe we must look at it as evidence that woman athletes like Serena Williams, Candace Parker, Allison Felix and every person else that has managed to not only return to variety following being pregnant, but in fact increase, are really the pinnacle of athletic accomplishment. 

Probably the subsequent time Tom Brady retires, we should really be hearing him make aspirational references to the achievements of Serena Williams rather of the other way about. 

Or perhaps we really do not require to evaluate the greats at all. Possibly we can just chalk this up to the very same competitive fireplace from Serena that would have her throw a next spot trophy in the trash rather than set it on display screen in her residence. 
Serena is not second to everyone. She’s one of one. And as her career winds down, I hope she can make peace with the strategy that if any individual can say they experienced it all, it was her.

Permit that sink in.