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Why Buy Gray Nicolls Cricket Equipment?

Why Buy Gray Nicolls Cricket Equipment?

Gray Nicolls is a leading name in the world of sports; they are well known for their high quality range of cricket equipment and have been in business now for just less than three centuries. Founded by H.J Gray in 1855, Gray Nicolls, or H.J Gray and Sons as it was originally called, initially began making rackets. They are based in East Sussex, UK, and formed a partnership in the 1940s with L.J Nicolls to begin making cricket bats, hence the new name of Gray Nicolls. Nicolls himself actually began his career in 1876 making bats.

Gray Nicolls cricket equipment is used by sportsmen and women worldwide. Famous names to have used these cricket equipment include Trevor Goddard, Richie Benaud and Frank Worrell. One of the reasons the company has continued to flourish over the years is because they are continually evolving and updating the technology they use to make their cricket bats; the shoulder less Superlite and the Steel Spring bats are of Gray Nicolls creation. In addition to this, in the 1970s Gray Nicolls set the trend of using coloured cricket bat labels, becoming the first cricket company to ever do this. Shortly after this, in 1974, they created the scoop bat. This was a revolution in the world of cricket bats, as it had a weight reducing scoop design, and following on from this the demand for their range of cricket equipment rapidly grew. Australia and New Zealand became large markets for their products, and a factory was opened in Melbourne to accommodate this growth in sales.

Today, the range of Gray Nicolls cricket equipment continues to grow and expand. They also offer repair work on their products if the retailer the products were bought from cannot help with the problem. One of their latest products for 2009 is the Xiphos bat, which has a chrome effect look and a unique groove design to enhance the balance and pick up of the bat.

With the amount of products offered from the company, many sportsmen and women decide to use these cricket equipment to further their skill and prowess in the sport. Likewise, parents of children or teenagers hoping to make a name for themselves in the field may choose to buy their offspring cricket equipment from the Gray Nicolls range, as it is well known to be of good quality and will last a long time, thus ensuring they have value for money. Buying these cricket equipment is very easy, as many high street and online retailers stock it due to it’s popularity and reliable reputation. However, it is very important to compare prices between different stockists, as these may differ from one to the other. Gray Nicolls do feature an online stockist list on their own website, which can be used as reference for anyone looking to buy from the Internet.

Gray Nicolls has come a long way since their rather humble beginnings, but their primary goal of producing high quality cricket equipment has not been diminished.