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What Pros Wear: Wilson A2K vs A2000 2022 | The Verdict is In

What Pros Wear: Wilson A2K vs A2000 2022 | The Verdict is In

The Wilson A2000 is one particular of baseball’s most iconic brand names because the glove’s first launch in the 1950’s. The A2K arrived a long time later on and begun the intense debate more than which model is far better. In this comparison, we assess four distinct types and crown the winner.

What Pros Wear: Wilson A2K vs A2000 2022 | The Verdict is In
Juan Soto with his A2K JS22. You can get this design listed here.

Substance High quality

As opposed to the Rawlings Pro Most well-liked vs Heart of Cover debate, the elements on the A2K and A2000 are incredibly related. When it comes to the leather, the A2000 and A2K use the similar American steerhide leather-based.

Matt Chapman with his A2K 1787. He has a MC26 video game product out there to invest in in this article.

In addition to the additional pick leather, a further variance involving A2000 vs A2K is Double Palm building on the A2K designs. Double Palm building is a double layer in the palm to make a more robust pocket. I have utilised both equally and can explain to you that this element is effective, and definitely helps the A2K’s scenario in this debate.

A last be aware is that the two designs use equivalent quality lacing. Wilson’s lacing, in my encounter, is inferior to Rawlings’, and neither Wilson A2K or A2000 are markedly superior than the other one particular.

The A2K is heading to be the much better glove content-smart, but the gap between the two versions is not vast ample to warrant the greater price. Worth-wise, the A2000 wins this round.


Even though other organizations have been enhancing the ease and comfort of their gloves in new yrs, Wilson however places out some of the most cozy gloves on the marketplace. A blend of the Dri-Lex wrist lining, cozy thumb and pinky loops, and excellent palm lining make your hand come to feel proper at household in a Wilson glove.

Tim Anderson with his A2000 TA7, which you can get in this article.

As it pertains to the A2K vs A2000 discussion, the only change is likely to be that the A2K attributes a softer leather on the palm lining. It’s notably a lot more comfy and even now sturdy, and it guidelines the scales in favor of the A2K in the comfort class.

Obtainable Models

At the time of writing this, there are 65 offered A2000 models and 32 readily available A2K styles. For the reason that of the very selective nature of the A2K leather, which boundaries the raw products that “qualify,” there are normally going to be numerous additional A2000 products than A2K at any presented time.

Jose Abreu with his A2K JAB79. You can get a person of your have listed here.

In addition, the A2000 have a lot more creative colorways, although the A2K types are typically a lot more regular in their structure. Whilst eye-catching designs are fantastic for some gamers, a lot of will favor the understated appears that the A2K presents.

This category is likely to be a attract. The more A2000 products is cool, and you can get some simple-on the lookout A2000 types, but the A2K is consistently one particular of the classiest on the lookout gloves on the market.


Some MLB gamers who use an A2000 design consist of Vlad Guerrero Jr., Andrew Benintendi, Dansby Swanson and Jose Ramirez. Some notable A2K end users include Juan Soto, Matt Chapman, and Mookie Betts.

Mookie Bett’s A2K MB50. The identical design can be found for sale in this article.

The WPW databases and Wilson Glove Working day videos and located that several additional MLB players go into battle with an A2000 product than an A2K design.

The A2000 wins the MLB utilization category. Additional professional gamers are selecting an A2000 when presented with a bag of A2000’s and A2K’s.

My Verdict

A past vital distinction amongst the products is their selling price. New A2K’s will run you $400, when new A2000’s will cost $300.

Specified this $100 big difference and the types we analyzed previously mentioned, we are going to say that the A2000 is a superior glove for the majority of players. As said earlier, the discrepancies in between the types aren’t as pronounced as with Rawlings Pro Chosen vs Heart of the Disguise, building it difficult to crown the more pricey A2K above the A2000.

The most important detail is that you won’t regret heading with the extra inexpensive selection in this situation. Right here are some of our preferred A2000 types: