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What Is the Biggest Tarpon Ever Caught?

What Is the Biggest Tarpon Ever Caught?


What Is the Biggest Tarpon Ever Caught?

In the world of fishing, the tarpon is a prized catch known for its size, strength, and agility. These impressive fish can weigh up to 280 pounds and are a favorite among anglers for their acrobatic jumps and powerful runs. But, what is the biggest tarpon ever caught? This question has been the subject of much debate and speculation among fishing enthusiasts for years. Recently, however, a new contender for the title of the biggest tarpon ever caught has emerged, causing a stir in the fishing community.

Biggest Tarpon

Florida holds 29 world records in tarpon fishing. All of these records were caught in Florida’s central west coast, the Homosassa region.

Billy Pate, a 16-pound fly fisherman, set a new fly fishing record with a 188-pound tarpon he caught off Homosassa in 1982. Over the next 19 years, Pate’s record was broken by fly fishermen and guides around the globe. They became the first to catch a tarpon using fly fishing tackle over 200 pounds.

This feat was achieved on May 11, 2001. Jim Holland Jr. was guided by Captain Steve Kirkpatrick and caught the first tarpon using fly fishing equipment greater than 200 pounds. He caught a 202-pound, 8-ounce tarpon using a 20-pound tippet.

Pate’s 16-pound tippet mark was broken by a 190-pound, 9-ounce tarpon caught on May 13, 2003, by Tom Evans Jr. Captain Al Doparik guided Evans.

Gus Bell caught 243-pound tarpon with conventional tackle in Florida. He caught it in Key West, Florida in 1975 using a 20-pound test line. Captain Bob West, who was also the guide for two other anglers to Florida record-breaking feats, was the guide.

Max Domecq caught a giant Tarpon at Rubane, Guinea Bissau, Africa, on March 20, 2003, and set an all-tackle world mark (additionally known as the 80-pound-class record).

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