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What Are Medical Compression Garments

What Are Medical Compression Garments

When people think of compression garments, they often think of athletes like Andrew Flintoff and Michael Jordan. Brands like Under Armour, Reebok, and Nike are most commonly associated with this type of garment because athletes are primarily seen wearing compression garments. However, there is much older, larger, and faster growing market that the general populous is not very knowledgeable of.

Medical compression garments are primarily used to increase blood circulation and improve body structure. There was an exponential growth in the industry after surgeons started to refrain from recommending girdles to patients. Girdles did not hold up for prolonged periods of time and were extremely uncomfortable. Today, surgeons require patients to wear post surgery garments after most aesthetic and reconstructive surgeries.

The garments that most manufactures sell are primarily focused on postoperative healing, C-Section healing, maternity (both pre and post), lymphoedema (DTL), and are utilized for body shaping. There are a variety of manufacturers that focus on different needs and their products are available in almost all of the pharmacies in the United Kingdom

Some of the best and most reputed manufacturers include Design Veronique, Jobskin, MaCom, Bella Jane, Juzo, and BSN Medical.

It is common myth that compression clothing cuts off circulation. According to research, they significantly aid blood circulation when the garments are worn properly. The therapeutic advantages of medical compression clothing also include the reduction of swelling.

A lot of the medical garments available in stores today are very fashionable. Most products offered come in several elegant styles and fashionable colours. Also, majority of the compression garments are easily disguisable under everyday clothes because they are made without zippers and snug onto the body really well. Depending on personal taste, one may wear the garments in either inconspicuous or flamboyant manners.

The biggest difference between medical compression clothing and athletic compression garments is the quality of fabric. Medical compression clothes are created in state-of-the-art facilities with blends of fabric that have been perfected to maintain their supportive and compressive features even during periods of extended wear. On the other hand, athletic compression garments focus more on being breathable so that the athlete’s body stays warm, muscles stay supported, and performance is enhanced.

This type of medical garments are available to be purchased over-the-counter at most supermarkets and almost all pharmacies. There are a few manufacturers that would also create custom garments for customers that can’t find a compression garment to fit their needs. Sizes for medical compression garments range from extra small to 4-XL. Also, all the major manufacturers mentioned above have online store. So, customers may order and receive their required products from the comfort of their homes.

Lifestyles have been significantly enhanced thanks to medical compression clothing. One should realize that they aren’t necessarily for surgical or rehabilitative purposes. A lot of people wear this type of garments proactively so that they may avoid future injuries. These garments help specific weak areas of your body become physically stronger and less prone to injury. Consult a doctor to find out how medical compression garments can aid recovery and rehabilitation of a specific body part.