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Volleyball Game Modification Using a Balldrome Drop Shot Concept

Volleyball Game Modification Using a Balldrome Drop Shot Concept

Now then, I like volleyball just as much as the next person as it is a very fun spectator sport whether it is being played at the beach with fine women or in a gymnasium. Still, it seems it would be fun to slightly modify the game, especially how the ball is served and how the point score occurs during the serving sequence. Now, it’s fine the way it is, but what if we added some dynamic and intense changes?

What if every time the ball went out of bounds, or we were at match point, or the starting of another set that we had an electronic serving machine from overhead? That’s what I propose and I’d like to explain this to you what I’ve come up with if I might, because this is a new concept.

What I am proposing I call a “balldrome” and this device would sit above the court perhaps 25 feet in the air, on a tethered line parallel to the net. Once it discharged the ball it would quickly move off to the side and out of range so players doing setups or volleys couldn’t accidentally hit it. When the ball was being served it would rotate around inside and shoot down out of one of many different channels, and at any number of different types of angles and speeds. It would be random, and each serve would be slightly different, and no player on either side of the court would know exactly where the ball was going to go, or at what speed.

It might very well shoot out of the “balldrome” at 50 miles an hour straight down on the head of an opponent, or perhaps even on the head of one of your own team members. They wouldn’t have very much time to react, and it would be as if the ball was spiked right in their face, from vertical. Yes, this might sound drastic, but volleyball is a tough sport, it’s competitive, and I’m only saying let’s take it to the next level. The great players wouldn’t care, they’d like the challenge, and it would give them a chance to strut their stuff and show us what they’re all about.

Of course, the pansies wouldn’t like it, they would complain, saying the ball came too fast, or they were not ready for it, or it was picking on them and purposely chose them to make them look bad. That’s not what I’m describing, that’s just the excuses they might make. Not only that, it would be great for practice keeping teams getting ready to compete on their toes. It could also be a great practice machine for only one side of the net.

Each time a spiked ball went into the empty court next to them, the machine would spit out another ball, or maybe two at a time, or even three. Can you begin to imagine how exciting this could be, and how it would hold the skills of the players into faster reaction times, where they would didn’t have time to react, rather like a martial artist it must become a reflex? That’s what I’m talking about.