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Shoulder Pad Recommendation

Shoulder Pad Recommendation

Hey Everyone,

Today I will be reviewing some different options for youth shoulder pads. Pads are a key necessity for any football player and are some of the biggest safety measures a player can take. There are a lot of things to keep in mind when choosing pads, they need to fit well, they need to be tight enough to stay in place, and they need to be sturdy and durable.

Riddell Youth Rival pads – When I was growing up Riddell was the main manufacturer of pads throughout my childhood. I always wore Riddell and I firmly believe they are the highest quality of shoulder pads. The Riddell Rivals are stylish, which does not really matter since they are under the jersey, but they also seem to fit better than any other shoulder pads. Also with the Riddell Rivals they have a new Z-pad feature that makes suiting up faster, which was always a problem when I was growing up the pads took forever to get on. Another big bonus of the Rivals is that they are very lightweight which is a big upside for quarterbacks, running backs, and receivers who are required to hit quick bursts of speeds.

Rawlings Momentum youth shoulder pads – I really like the design of the Rawling Momentum, they offer extra padding and have a longer torso area to protect more of your ribs. These pads also have extra closed cell foam for extra protection on the collar bone area which is a very injury prone area in football.

Wilson youth TDY Rush pads – These pads are rated as the safest pads on the market right now. These pads were created to tackle the new tackling and blocking techniques that are coming into the game nowadays. These pads are lightweight which is a huge bonus, and they feature contoured pads in order to provide superior protection.

Schutt Sports youth Flex 2.0 all purpose shoulder pads – These pads are said to be the best multi-position youth football pads available on the market. These pads are high quality and are often sought out by high school programs. These pads are good for players who are experimenting with new positions and are trying to figure out what their best fit is on the football field. They are ideal for players who are experienced and who are very invested in the game and take it very seriously.

Xenith Xflexion Varsity pads – Xenith Pads are very common among collegiate and adult football players. They are extremely high quality, with unmatchable flexibility. The plates are all attached in such a way that they move independently. While Xenith shoulder pads do come in a variety of position specific designs, their Multi-Position shoulder pads are unrivaled.

Rawling Combat 36L pads – These football shoulder pads come in sizes Small to XXXLarge and are made with a low-profile design to decrease bulkiness. The way that the padding is designed makes them incredibly light, but they are reinforced to add longevity and defense from hard hits.

Schutt Sports varsity XV HD pads(QB/RB/WR) – These are by far the Best Youth Shoulder Pads available to Quarterback and Wide Receivers. They are designed to minimize weight, and don’t sit as low on the torso as to maximize movement and speed. Schutt Sports makes the lightest varsity pads that still guarantee maximum protection and meet safety standards. As far as Youth Quarterback shoulder pads go, these are top of the line.

Schutt Sports varsity XV HD pads (OL/DL) – It’s pretty much the same story for these lineman pads that are designed to still minimize weight while offering a bit more padding. They extend down the sternum further and are also made with wider shoulders for great collision protection.

Schutt Sports Air Maxx Flex 2.0 shoulder pads – Another All-Purpose model, Schutt Sports Air Maxx Flex 2.0 provides construction with an open cell foam that essentially is composed of small chambers that trap air, making them much more effective to take hits. They also make a skill position model that is constructed with the same protective technology, and are the best football pads for running and jumping.

TAG Strike Force II 780 pads – Great for QB’s and WR’s also, this is our pick for Shoulder Pads for Defensive Backs. Like the other shoulder pads I have reviewed for you, TAG shoulder pads always use the latest technologies to insure lightness and protection together. The one thing we love about these is the shock-absorbing cushioning that doesn’t lose its potent protection even after numerous hard hits. Even though we recommend them for defensive backs, this pick is still one of the best wide receiver shoulder pads as well.

There are also some other key products that you might want to consider adding to your collection for maximum protection. Some options I really like and think can be considered essential equipment for maximum safety are back pads, and rib protectors. I will give you an option for both that are top in their market.

Schutt Sports youth back plate – Getting a back plate to add to pads is a great way to extend protection for players without purchasing bulkier pads. The Schutt Sports Youth Back Plate adds back support to any Schutt shoulder pads for youth- and they also attach to most competitors gear as well, which is a huge plus if you do not own schutt youth shoulder pads.

Schutt Sports youth rib protector – This breathable attachment helps to prevent rib injury, and is commonly used by players who still need mobility but take more hits at the waist than others. These can be worn with detachable harness, or it can be secured directly to most youth shoulder pads. I really like adding rib pads to your arsenal because I know I was constantly taking massive hits to the rib and stomach area and the padding I had was very slim or none at all. These pads can offer the safety that I think is necessary in the sport nowadays.