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Professional Janitorial and Maintenance Service

Professional Janitorial and Maintenance Service

Many new commercial property owners will eventually begin to strategize a plan for their new buildings cleaning, maintenance, and landscaping needs. What most building owners don’t know is that they can get all those things from just one commercial cleaning company in their area. A large commercial cleaning corporation specializes in large campus cleaning, commercial maintenance, and facility management services. They are a one stop shop for all your commercial facility needs.

Janitors, Custodians, and Maintenance Men

You have seen them in the past: the custodians at your daughter’s elementary school, the night cleaning crew at your office building, or the maintenance man for that popular downtown hotel. They may seem to have ordinary blue-collar jobs, but the truth is, these are highly skilled and certified, licensed professionals. They are all professional cleaning and maintenance technicians employed by a larger facility management company. Custodians, janitors, and maintenance crews have to take classes on everything from chemical safety to operating heavy machinery. They complete high levels of training and certifications to be inducted into the professional cleaning industry. With many services to offer, an expert level janitorial and maintenance company has the resources to cover every aspect of your building’s aesthetic needs.

Services and Duties

Common maintenance services provided by a facilities management company may include anything from repairs or restorations to heavy-duty labor. Such examples would be checking on electrical equipment and operations, inspecting mechanical equipment, painting, and repairing anything that may be defected, broken, or problematic. Maintenance crews and managers often times coordinate a flow of feedback from the other departments in the building on the functionality of everyone’s equipment and surroundings.

Common janitorial services provided by a commercial facility management company includes thorough cleaning of furniture, floors, carpets, windows, trash receptacles, dining areas, and other areas of a commercial property. Janitorial tasks can also include sanitizing, restroom cleaning, floor buffing, floor waxing, vacuuming, dusting, and more. Janitorial services can be endless depending on the type of services needed.

Other Services

Landscaping is another service provided by these types of companies. They handle all mowing, mulching, flower bed arrangements, watering, fertilizing, and weed management. Outsourcing all three of these services from different companies is a costly project. Appointing in-house staff is also very costly when you consider hourly wages, overtime pay, vacation pay, insurance, and training time. The most economical way to get all three services at the best value, is hiring one commercial cleaning company.