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Premiership Football Draws Fans and Players From Around the World

Premiership Football Draws Fans and Players From Around the World

Soccer, better known as football in Europe (except for Italy where it’s called “calcio”), has become the world’s most popular sport. From China to Mexico and everywhere in between, professional soccer draws crazed crowds, amazing athletes and big business.

Soccer madness overseas

While soccer enjoys a devoted fan base around the globe, none love the so-called “Beautiful Game” with as much ferocity as fans in the England. In fact, footie enthusiasts in England may qualify as fanatics, rather than fans. If you think the crowds at American gridiron football games are passionate, you’d likely describe English soccer spectators as raving lunatics. This reverence explains why 80 percent of the money made from professional soccer is made in England alone.

Americans are finally catching soccer fever

Despite European fervor for the game Americans call soccer, professional soccer is a relatively new venture in the United States. Somehow professional soccer has yet to emerge from the shadows of basketball, baseball and gridiron football here. North American soccer fans will certainly hope the success of Major League Soccer will eventually make soccer the national sport. In fact, in the past twenty years, soccer has become the most popular participatory youth sport in North America.

Youth players from the U.S. head to England for training and pro careers

Inevitably, young players raised in the U.S. and Canada are growing up with a thirst for pro soccer splendor. With pro soccer still in its infancy in their own country, many are turning to study abroad soccer boarding school programs and international soccer training camps. Drawn to the sharp competitive edge of English teams and the unmatched keenness of English fans, most players will prefer to train in England.

Premiership football, the heart of soccer in England

The top teams in Europe play under the English Premiership Professional Football Club. The Premiership, as it is often referred to, is the world’s most profitable football (soccer) league, not to mention the most-watched sporting league in the history of professional sports. Aspiring pro soccer players the world over dream of playing in their midst.

The Premiership takes young international players under its wing

English soccer camps and schools mentored by Premiership teams, such as Blackburn Rovers FC and Bolton Wanderers FC, make this dream a reality for many players. The best of these programs, like those sponsored by EduKick, provide intense pro soccer development courses, as well as cultural exposure and strong high school or university level academics. In addition, soccer students training in England have an excellent chance to be noticed and recruited by The Premiership’s leading teams.

Get in the game!

If you’re a young soccer player, ready to take on the world of professional soccer, England is the place to be. You’ll broaden your cultural horizons, get the world’s finest soccer training, and have a shot at professional soccer glory. You’ve got to admit, that’s a hat trick of epic proportions.

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