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Nintendo Wii – Gaming For All Ages

Nintendo Wii – Gaming For All Ages

Nintendo Wii arrived November 19th 2006 with Xbox360 already released and PlayStation 3 the HD god of new aged gaming ready to take over the world. Behind all the hype of the two new systems that would bring HD(High Definition)gaming to new heights, it was hard to hear the muffled voice of Nintendo, but it wouldn’t be long before Nintendo’s shriek of new innovative gaming would turn the chatter of HD gaming into a subtle whisper.

Nintendo knew that their was power in innovation. Nintendo wanted to bring the whole gaming experience to new levels. The Nintendo Wii changed the whole outlook of the gaming world. Right before the holidays Nintendo placed game stations or “Wii Stations” in hundreds if not thousands of shopping malls across the nation to advertise the Wii capabilities. Soon after the Wii virus spread. The Young as well as the Old raved about the fun and innovation the Nintendo Wii brought to the market. I remember standing in the center of my local shopping mall watching all generations grab hold of the Nintendo Wii’s remote controller called the Wiimote. I learned tons of information while observing the fun and play testing myself, thankfully their was an Nintendo representative to instruct me and inform me about the Nintendo Wii. The Wiimote is a wireless controller that contains motions sensors that literally takes interactivity to new levels. Have you ever played air guitar? Well imagine playing air baseball, tennis, or bowling, you can do this all with the wiimote and a game called Wii Sports. Wii sports and many other games use the motion sensor technology to put you in the game and take interactive play to new levels. The Nintendo Wii will also allow four controllers to be connected wireless to the counsel simultaneously so you and your friends can play together. As I stood watching everyone in my local shopping mall have the time off their lives with the system. I just knew the Nintendo Wii would change the whole perspective of the gaming world.

I realized for many years consumers young and old have been afraid to enter the world of home counsel gaming due to the difficult controls and many buttons that are now on most all video game counsel controllers. Nintendo knew that to be successful with the competition of HD gaming. They had to make gaming more interactive, easy, and fun. But the Wii capabilities didn’t stop their. Nintendo stayed true to its long term fans. With the Nintendo Wii you can download your favorite classic titles (via internet) to your Nintendo Wii. So yes you can play Super Mario Brothers just like you used to when you were a kid. Their are many Nintendo original titles that can be downloaded from an online market place that can be accessed through your Nintendo Wii.

Overall I am greatly impressed and happy that I can now interact with video games like I never could before. I can actually play video games with my mother and father who wouldn’t dare touch a video game counsel controller until now. The Nintendo Wii has brought an experience to experienced and unexperienced gamers that won’t easily be copied. Nintendo has been the most innovative gaming company that the world has known. When I found out that the Nintendo Wii was only $250 dollars it sent me through the roof. Not only is the price great, but the experiences I will have playing my Nintendo Wii will be even greater.