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NFL fans troll Browns for new midfield elf logo

NFL fans troll Browns for new midfield elf logo

The Cleveland Browns declared their new midfield logo, and enthusiasts are certainly getting a wonderful time cracking jokes about it on Twitter.

The Cleveland Browns are a single of the most intriguing groups in the NFL, and not simply because of expertise. The Browns have been one particular of the worst teams in the league for extended than most can don’t forget until finally a short while ago. Now, the group is making one more intriguing graphic for themselves with the new midfield logo of an elf, named “Brownie the Elf.”

The emblem shows Brownie functioning with a soccer, rocking some pink hair and a purple shirt with a massive buckled belt.

Lovers have many reactions to the symbol, and they are not keeping again their feelings on the elf.

NFL supporters react to the Browns new midfield elf logo

Many admirers are tying suspended quarterback Deshaun Watson into their reactions, reinforcing the incredibly correct truth that “no indicates no.”

Another admirer discussed a deficiency of recognition on the crew and mentioned they “never have an understanding of how this sort of negative alternatives make it so significantly.”

One created a storyline for the elf and wrote, “A Brownie is said to arrive out at evening whilst the house owners of the residence are asleep & complete various chores & farming jobs.”

One supporter mentioned, “The other elf is far better,” and provided a graphic of the elf dressed in orange with an orange history.

That Tweet obtained a hilarious response of, “Looks like the Small Caesar’s pizza brand.”

The release of the new logo was unquestionably an remarkable working day for quite a few, as it permitted their inventive humor to stream.