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New 2012 Callaway Tour Authentic RAZR Fit Driver!

New 2012 Callaway Tour Authentic RAZR Fit Driver!

The New 2012 Callaway Tour Authentic RAZR Fit Driver with its sleek looking black and green PVD finish was finally released to the general public earlier this year and is the latest version in their award winning RAZR line up and is one of the most advanced adjustable golf drivers ever produced.

Using an enhanced version of the OptiFit Tour Hosel Technology that is used in the original Callaway RAZR Fit Driver, the Tour Authentic Driver provides you with a greater level of adjustability with 3 additional sub-positions within the original Open, Square and Closed settings, giving you a total of 9 unique face angels to choose from.

The Tour Authentic RAZR Fit Driver also provides you with 6 different OptiFit Tour Weights (12, 10, 8, 6, 4 and 2 grams) which allow you to shift the centre of gravity in the clubhead so you can optimize it to perfectly match your preferred ball flight and trajectory.

Similar to the RAZR Fit Driver, the Callaway Tour Authentic RAZR Fit Driver has a crown that is made from an advanced carbon composite material called Forged Composite, which took several years to develop and was created in partnership with car manufacturing giants Lamborghini.

The advantage of Forged Composite is that it is lighter, stronger and more precise material than Titanium (which is currently used in over 90% of drivers) allowing Callaway engineers to precisely control the thickness of the crown and as a result be able to lower and optimize the centre of gravity and increase MOI.

Callaway have also introduced their Streamlined Surface Technology into the design of the Tour Authentic Driver. This innovative technology addresses the complex variations in aerodynamic flow during the driver’s entire downswing, from the transition at the top right the way through to impact and has reduced energy loss due to the effects of drag by up 14% (when compared to the RAZR Hawk Driver) and as a consequence increases ball speeds for greater distance potential.

Another key technology in the Tour Authentic RAZR Fit Driver comes in the form of Callaway’s new Speed Frame Face Technology. This technology optimizes stress distribution and again increases ball speeds by combining hyperbolic shaping of the clubface with precision thickness control and helps to create a larger sweet spot.

To top it off the Callaway 2012 Tour Authentic RAZR Fit Driver also comes with a new lighter weight version of the original Project X Black Shaft, with Tour Launch Profile and Spin Optimization.