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Making A Gift Basket With An Arizona Theme

Making A Gift Basket With An Arizona Theme

Whether a resident wishes to show their Arizona pride or a tourist is interested in bringing back a piece of this desert-dotted state, there are plenty of gift baskets ideas that will satisfy your customers in what is identified as one of the Four Corner states. Situated in the southwestern part of the United States, Arizona is known for its desert surroundings, heated summers, mild winters, and close proximity to Utah, Nevada, California, and New Mexico. With a wide-range of interesting monuments, parks, national forests, and main attractions like the Grand Canyon, a wealth of gift basket arrangements are only a roll of ribbon and bow away.

Since the climate of Arizona is one of the main characteristics of the state, a gift basket that helps you beat the heat will certainly come in handy. Packed with bottled waters, gourmet lemonade and sweet tea mixes, your customers might just be able to stand the outdoors on a sweltering hot day. Also, don’t forget to include a nifty pair of shades in the arrangement.

Throughout the years, Arizona has always been known for the “5 C’s” of their economy: citrus, cattle, cotton, copper, and climate. Feeding off of these five elements, there is no telling the type of gift baskets you may create. Did you know that at one point, Arizona was the largest producer of cotton throughout the country? Present a basket that not only signifies the economical pulse of the state, but also include an array of interesting items as well. Some of the ideas to consider: a citrus fruit basket containing citrus tea, citrus sour fruit candies, and a simple juicer; cattle-related basket with stuffed animal, assorted marinades and barbeque sauces; or a copper-related gift basket that includes the items necessary to create homemade copper jewelry.

To make a gift basket attractive for the younger population, why not tap into one of the greatest childhood pleasures? Animals have always held a special place in the hearts of kids, whether they are picking up worms, cuddling with a baby bird, or running with Fido. Arizona is home to an assortment of critters that dwell in the desert scene, including the burrowing owl, cactus mouse, coyote, Gila monster, prairie dog, roadrunner, jackrabbit, and rattlesnake. Allow consumers to present the beauty of Arizona wildlife to their children by supplying a collection of stuffed animals or Beanie babies that helps illustrate desert dwellers. Coloring books, crayons, chocolate animals, and nature books also make great basket fillers.

As for the sports fanatic, Arizona is home to the Cardinals NFL team, the MLB Diamondbacks, as well as the Phoenix Suns and Mercury (the state’s NBA representatives). The possibilities are endless when it comes time to create a basket that showcases the support of the home teams.

As for the arts and culture surrounding Arizona, there are plenty of notable characters associated with the state that may be of use for gift basket ideas. For example, a Discover Arizona basket may include a book by Zane Grey; a collection of Frank Lloyd Wright postcards; Alice Cooper, Linda Ronstadt, Michelle Branch, or Fleetwood Mac CDs; Georgia O’Keeffe prints; Wonder Woman (Lynda Carter) memorabilia; or a few Steven Spielberg DVD’s, whose childhood was spent in Scottsdale.