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Make Math Fun – Top 10 Reasons Why Printable Math Games Motivate Teachers, Parents & Their Students

Make Math Fun – Top 10 Reasons Why Printable Math Games Motivate Teachers, Parents & Their Students

Using printable math games to motivate students to like math is an easy, cost effective way to instill interest and give the students a different, yet creative way to reinforce math concepts.  At the same time, you are making math fun in the classroom and/or at home.  Here are the top ten amazing reasons why!

Number TEN: It’s dirt cheap! Downloading a variety of free teacher created materials and some one time reasonable cost materials saves hard earned money whole providing appropriate activities.

Number NINE: Stimulating games means students begging for more. Competition is a natural motivator. Make those games stimulating, challenging, mixed in with thinking “out of the box,” and you switch them on to fun math learning.

Number EIGHT: Different ability levels help motivate to master one game so they can try “that other fun looking game.”

Number SEVEN: Easily achieve the “wonderful fun teacher/parent” status. Teachers and parents need all the brownie points they can get!

Number SIX: Printable math activities and games stored on a computer can be used for as many students at once and can used over and over again. Workbooks that are purchased cost quite a bit for one time usage, unless you copy them.

Number FIVE: Avoids teachers and parents being sent to jail for copyright infringement. Everyone knows copying from a workbook is illegal!

Number FOUR: Saves creative juices for other more important things. By having a large supply of adaptable, printable activities stored on your computer, creative juices will then be put towards more fun creative ideas or towards awesome dinners.

Number THREE: One word, Easy. Easy to motivate the struggling students, easy to challenge the bright students, easy to prepare, easy to play.

Number TWO: “Please sir, I want some more.” The more they have fun playing math games, the more reinforcement; the more reinforcement, the better the skills; the better the skills, the more new concepts introduced; the more new concepts introduced brings more new and different fun math games to print out!

And the Number ONE reason why printable math games help motivate: Simply put, when the work is fun, your kids are happy! When your kids are happy, you are happy!

It will probably take some time at first to find and create a file with appropriate printable math games and activities. Parents will rely on the classroom teacher’s advice, and teachers will share ideas with each other. But once the material is gathered, it is there for years to come, as younger children come up through these, these creative and stimulating ideas will be there for motivating students and to make math fun at home or at school.