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Journalist Shares Glum Fact About The Reds

Journalist Shares Glum Fact About The Reds

Journalist Shares Glum Fact About The Reds
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The Cincinnati Reds have had a 2022 to forget.

They started off the season with a 3-22 record, and at 23-46, they are still among the worst teams in baseball.

But their issues go well beyond results.

According to the Cincinnati Enquirer’s Sam Greene, they don’t seem to enjoy what they are doing, and the mood in the dugout is not positive.

“I’ve been in the dugout of almost every MLB team at this point and the one thing I can say is consistently true of the good ones is that they’re are loud and hype each other up (they sound like they’re having fun). I’ve never seen the Reds dugout like that,” he wrote.

When he says he has never seen the Reds dugout having that kind of fun, one has to think that the problem starts at the front office level.


Everything Starts At The Top

If fans turned against the Castellinis (Bob and Phil, owners of the team) at the start of the season, one has to wonder if players did too, and when exactly.

They aren’t exactly model owners, and it’s up to the people at the top to set up a good working environment.

It’s evident that losing will greatly affect the mood of a clubhouse, but even when they are winning, the Reds just don’t seem to have fun and enjoy the game.

Greene said in a subsequent tweet (in the replies) that last year’s team, which had Nick Castellanos, Jesse Winker, and others, was “more fun to watch, but the vibe in the dugout wasn’t much different. The Dodgers now, and the Cubs when they were good, sound like a little league team having fun. Reds have always sounded like a group of dudes at work.”

That’s a rough assessment of the current working environment in the Reds’ organization.