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Jamarcus Russell – Make it Or Break it Son

Jamarcus Russell – Make it Or Break it Son

Entering year 3 for any young quarterback is usually the barometer to gauge whether or not they will be a successful QB in the league. Quite often what they do in this pivotal year determines their immediate and future success. Is it time to panic, is it time to rejoice, or is it time to give the kid a break still. No matter what corner you are in, one thing is certain, it’s time to put up or shut up.

Do we all remember the Jamarcus Russell who wooed scouts with his 6’6″ 255lb. frame, starred at LSU and tore up the SEC, and in his private workouts had what that one veteran scout referred to the best workouts since Peyton Manning. Where is that Jamarcus Raider fans? Did the long layoff his rookie year hurt him that bad, you have to say yes. Did the big money without throwing a single pass get to him, who knows? Did the lack of work ethic and consistent weight gains without supervision catch up to him, well probably. That is why this year is so important to Raider nation and to a young man’s psyche. It is no coincidence that Jeff Garcia was signed to be waiting in the wings, just in case of course. Can you say one three-turnover game and your gone to the bench. That is what awaits this young man. It is time for Mr. Russell to step away from the buffet table and re-commit himself to his profession. If not, the silver and black have a reliable starter to plug in and a moment’s notice. Jamarcus has just got to dedicate himself to his team, the city, the rabid fans, and most importantly himself. The streets are littered with the likes of young guys who did not pan out because they did not do the necessary work to make them successful. Can you say Todd Marinovich Raider fans?

I really am pulling for the guy. He has all the intangibles you look for; proven track record in college at a big time program under the microscope, the BIG arm teams drool over, the size, the chip on the shoulder attitude, and the small town upbringing to be humble. What he needs is someone on the end of those throws, a few linemen who can keep him upright, and some tough love when necessary. Do the raiders have that guy in the locker room right now, who knows. Just this week Warren Sapp came out and said the young guys tuned him out during his time there, is it a trend, or is this just the shape of sports right now, or was Warren over embellishing. One thing is for certain, the kid has “star” written all over him if he gets the right support and tutoring. Do the raiders have more enablers or more guys who will get in your face when it is needed. Let’s not forget, football is not for the faint and this might be the last bastion of the true gladiator spirit and mentality on a sports field. You have to have a mental toughness not seen by many but exhibited daily. That is something you can’t measure, time, lift, nor throw.

The quarterback position if drafted and developed correctly will set your team up for success for 10-15 years. Look at the model NFL franchises right now, Pittsburgh, New England, Indianapolis, and the Giants to name a few. All raider fans know what happened after Rich Gannon left. Do we want to go down that road again. That is why we all should be pulling for Jamarcus right about now.