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I Can’t Punch In My Dreams

I Can’t Punch In My Dreams

Keeping in mind that dreams are 99 percent of the time, symbolic plays carried out by the sub conscience mind. Every root meaning is played out in what seems to be unrelated events, yet are actually very related when you think in terms of meaning, emotion and symbols.

Its just another language. But its a logical language, and one that every person can figure out themselves. Just remember, don’t think factually, literally – think in emotion. Always look first at the symbolic of the event in the dream. Study the emotion raised during the dream, and as you are awake reflecting on the dream.

Punching others in dreams is certainly a dream with an emotional counterpart. You are either angry or afraid, and you are defending or protecting yourself or someone from something.

This isn’t rocket science of course. What in real life are you afraid of or angry of? Remember it may have nothing to do with the physical person in your dream, but could be whom they represent. A teacher could simply represent authority. A vampire could represent something in your life that is draining your energy.

Just look at your life as you are awake and you will find what this thing is. It will be something that has been on your mind lately, either consciously or subconsciously.

This type of dream is bringing to your conscious awareness what has been going on in your mind lately. Your mind wants to sort this thing out, rather than stewing on it as you have been. Let this dream bring fully to your mind this situation, so that you can put some effort into resolving what this thing is.

How about you have a punching dream, where you are trying to punch something, but seem to be incapable of actually swinging your arms? This is a frustrating dream and one that I have personally had often. In my case, it was based on my enormous efforts to invent and market my ideas. The inventing process was easy for me, but the marketing aspect truly felt as if I were swinging futile blows. At the time I was trying so hard, and simply getting no where.

I was building up a high level of frustration both consciously and sub consciously. This frustration manifested in a dream where I felt I had to defend or protect myself, and my efforts to do so were weak or not effective at all. This same type of dynamic can show up in a dream where you try to run away from something that is after you, but you find that your legs are not working.

All the clues to what the underlying issue will be in the dream, even as they are mostly symbolic. You already know that not being able to move your body in the way you want too means that there is something in your life going on where you feel inadequate. Now all you have to do is think about the other elements of the dream to see what they are symbolically representing.

The fact that you are having this dream suggests that you are ignoring this attribute in your waking life. So what ever the issue is, may be something that will not just jump to mind. But you can be sure it is something you are putting a lot of emotion into, even if its under the radar.

Also keep in mind, you are having these dreams as the bodies self defence mechanism. The emotional body and physical body will take actions to protect themselves. You will vomit if you ingest something your body does not want. You will have a recurring dream if you are holding onto negative feelings. Feeling fear or inadequate will trigger these dreams in you in an attempt to get your conscious mind to take some action. Your subconscious mind already understands that if you change the way you look at things, the things you look at will change. The point here is that you have been carrying around with you feelings that are negative to the body. And you have been doing it for quite sometime, since you are now having recurring dreams about it.

So, do some self reflection and figure out the source of this dream. Figure out a way to deal with it in your mind, so that you are left feeling peaceful about the situation. When you do this, you will quickly move past this type of dream.

I’ve heard the marijuana smokers often have this type of dream? If this is the case, it is most likely because weed tends to make people lethargic and not take action. After all, sitting around stoned all the time, one would not be motivated to take actions in life that one should be taking. So I can see this dream manifesting as the emotional bodies attempt to get one to take notice of this fact, and to maybe ease up off the weed a little bit, and start taking positive actions to move forward.