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How Can I Make My Husband a Male Slave?

How Can I Make My Husband a Male Slave?

Women often ask me how they can make their husband into a male slave. Before you get too excited, though, just be aware it’s almost always because the man has given her the idea. But..

Being a male slave

Often isn’t what’s really on offer.

You see, while many men are indeed submissive and love the fantasy of the dominant and strict mistress, more often than not it’s actually male chastity they really seek – in other words, they want a woman to control their sexuality, but because male chastity is not too well known, the easiest context for them to frame it in is that of the male slave.

This is important because most women asking that question are afraid of the answer – simply because most women are simply not dominant by nature. Indeed, so un-dominant are women, that they even find the idea of controlling, restricting, limiting and denying their man’s orgasm a shocking idea… that is, until they experience the pleasure for themselves and really begin to understand the most important thing for any of us… what’s in it for me?

Now, back to the question: how can I make my husband a male slave?

Why“, I hear you ask, “is she asking this when it’s something he wants?

Well, because a strange part of the male chastity or male slave fantasy is your man wants to feel he has no control.

You’ll read all over the Internet all sorts of silly claims by men that they have ‘no choice‘ about being a male slave or whatever, but of course there’s a choice. The fact is their fantasy is so strong, so powerful, they can’t tell the difference between it and reality.

Unfortunately, a lot of readers (especially women!) new to the game don’t realise it is just a game, and they start to feel overwhelmed and even nervous that all this extreme, made-up stupidity is ‘real life’ and the kind of thing their husband is asking them to get involved in.

And in the main, it simply isn’t.

Few men are into the extremes (this is self-evident, because its rarity is exactly why we call it ‘extreme’), and when your man is telling you he wants to be a male slave, all he really wants is to spice up your relationship – often with a of strict male chastity thrown in for fun!

Listen: I live a strict male chastity lifestyle with my husband, John, and he doesn’t orgasm more than 4 times a year.

And at the moment he’s on a full year’s strict orgasm denial… and the truth is he is NOT submissive in the least and is not a male slave.

We’re just having fun and living the lifestyle 24/7 for the sheer pleasure of it.

So, if you’re sick and tired of all the hype and nonsense you read on the ‘net, and you want the truth from a genuine lifestyle couple then…