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Horse Racing: Handicapping – Advanced Statistical Handicapping And Why Study Racing Statistically

Horse Racing: Handicapping – Advanced Statistical Handicapping And Why Study Racing Statistically

Advanced statistical handicapping and why study the statistical patterns in racing? That’s easy: because racing’s a statistical game. Racing’s made of two major divisions: profitcapping (the money side) and handicapping (the racing side). Both are heavily statistically oriented. Have no doubt about it. Many players avoid statistics at all costs in the game and this is their Achilles Heel and puts them on a path to losing their hard-earned money. The daily racing form, the racing digest and tip sheets are statistical racing materials. Virtually ever computer program about predicting the outcome of races uses immense amounts of information to do so.

If you’re going to play the game then knowing basic statistics is a – must. Why? Because racing’s a statistical game. This must be grasped if you’re even remotely concerned about really making money. If the player trivializes this fact then making money is one thing that he or she won’t be doing but instead they’ll be giving their money away. Racing doesn’t require complex graphs but a simple knowledge of frequencies, percent and basic arithmetic. Not much more than this but it’s used in a novel and special form to reach answers that’s impossible to be reached otherwise. This gives the player a very powerful edge.

This is the reason to study Advanced Statistical Handicapping. Why study the statistical patterns in racing? Because over years of time there are recognizable patterns in many forms in handicapping. In this way several things can be understood about the matter such as: (1) Statistics is in the top five of the most powerful tools used by humans. (2) Statistics done incorrectly isn’t statistics but propaganda and therefore gives incorrect answers. (3) Statistics in some form is used by virtually every living thing (single or multi-cell, written or unwritten, blatant or subliminally, conscious or unconscious, etc.). (4) Advanced statistical handicapping is in the top two of the – most powerful means – of handicapping.

Also: (5) Most players know statistics when they see it. So refine your skills in it. (6) There’s no way to by-pass statistics in racing. The specific ways that it’s used to test, find long-term answers that barely change over years and gives the player more control in the game should be learned. There are two ways to handicap: (a) each race is handicapped one by one and then passed or played. (b) statistically: by taking 3-10 years statistical samples of everything and deciphering all of the patterns of strengths and weaknesses of everything from single factors, angles, patterns of win and lose streaks and so on.

Both ways are used together with the full understanding of where each fits in with the other. If the player doesn’t accept a statistical way of handicapping then how does he or she intend to come out in flying colors and put extra money into their bank account. This is partially the reason for Advanced Statistical Handicapping and why study the statistical patterns in racing.