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Gymnastic Tumbling Techniques for Low Gravity Games and Contests Considered

Gymnastic Tumbling Techniques for Low Gravity Games and Contests Considered

Humans love to play sports and compete in games of agility, strength, courage, and skill. Perhaps that is why gymnastics is not only so fun to watch, but it also attracts the most competitive humans to participate in the sport. Now then, I am here to tell you that someday gymnastics will be a sport for our future human space colonies. There will be competitions on the Moon, Mars, Europa, and Titan. Gymnastics will be performed in orbiting space stations, space hotels for exhibition matches, and The International Federation of Space Olympics (IFSO) will host gymnastics in the future.

Of course, the gymnastic Tumbling Techniques for low gravity games and tournaments will be completely out of this world. Consider if you will the ability to tumble with a gravity that is one-third that on Earth, or even the one-fifth that of the Earth’s gravity? Yes I am talking about the Moon and Mars. The grappling techniques and tumbling strategies will be fast paced, dynamic, and ultra-fun to watch. Also a good amount of fear will be taken away giving the gymnast the self-confidence to try new things, tricks which have never been performed in the history of humankind.

Consider the parallel bars, and the uneven bars at one third the gravity. Are you beginning to see what is possible. And even those who are not of 10% body fat or the Olympic conditioned athlete can also participate. Perhaps there will be gymnastic camps on the moon to help gymnasts hone their skills, and create new tricks. Yes, it appears that gymnastics will survive the human endeavor as this species boldly goes where they’ve never previously been.

Not only will it be an incredible sport to perform, it will also be incredible to watch. It will certainly draw crowds, spectators who watch what people have only dreamed of being able to do. Super agility, in a low gravity environment will become the fascination of the space colony. Not only that, but the gymnast will know that if they make a mistake they will not pay for it with a broken wrist, or a severe sprain. Of all the sports I expect to survive in space colonies, gymnastics is at the top of the list, and for good reason.

If you are gymnast, and if this line of discussion intrigues you, or if you have any comments, questions, case studies, or concerns, I’d certainly like to hear from you. Please shoot me an e-mail so we can discuss this at your earliest possible convenience.