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Forever Strong Movie Review

Forever Strong Movie Review

Teenybopper Love Story, Courage And Forever Strong Sean Faris, Gary Cole and Sean Astin. We’re looking at a Drama based rugby movie with a morale. High school players, love, mischief, drama. The average expectancy from a teenybopper type film. Sean Faris plays our star rugby player. He is the High School jock always getting himself into trouble due to influence. He has a bossy asshole for a father who is captain of his School’s rugby team and wants his son to have what he never had by controlling him. The perfect girlfriend for his fame and popularity and all he could ever want in life.

Rick Penning(Sean Faris) finally leads himself into a trap that he can’t avoid. His life turns around when he was driving under the influence one night with his girlfriend and gets into a horrible accident. This results in sentencing him to a boys juvenile hall until he is ready for society once more. Rick Penning shuts down, his life is crumbling, his father kicked him off the Arizona rugby team named the Razorbacks he was playing for, and he left his girlfriend in extreme conditions after the accident.

The morale of this film is when he was asked to join the Highlander rugby team, rugby team of the Salt Lake City juvenile hall he was sentenced at. When he joins the team who turns out to be one of the best rugby teams around his life begins to change for the better again. It gives him his hope and spirit back. He learns how to love his friends and how to be a better person. They teach him to be the best rugby player and lead each other to the finals in the National Championship. In the finals it was in fact the Arizona Razorbacks versus Highlander. He had to face versus his own father and his old friends who now turned on him. The morale of this story is when towards the end of the game when Highlander was about to lose, Rick Penning gets a brutal beating and got knocked out. His father came to see him on the field and reminded him “Don’t make the same mistake I did years ago. You either get up now and you leave, or you finish this game.” It turns out his father was on the Highlander rugby team years ago himself. Rick with all the energy left in him and with all his heart played out the game and turned his life around. Go watch Forever Strong yourself if you are a rugby or sports fan and enjoy a good Drama. See how Forever Strong concludes and if he beats his father’s team and whether or not his father was proud of him. This movie showed a lot of values, you can check it out this week of May 19th.