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Death of a Dictator, Infiltrating the Fae, And the Madness of the Vampire Elder

Death of a Dictator, Infiltrating the Fae, And the Madness of the Vampire Elder

The Death of the Dictator at His Sister’s Hands

Late last week, tragedy struck Hellifyno as Lord Executive Havoc was killed alongside his sister Harmony, in a violent and surreal Fae inspired episode. The loss of this charismatic leader comes at a dark time for the planet, leaving the populace bewildered, unsure, and in mourning.

The events leading up to Havoc and Harmony’s deaths began at the popular Blue Moon Tavern, an establishment frequented by some of the most powerful and influential supernatural beings in the world. It was a relatively quiet evening. The siblings were sitting at the bar having a mild disagreement over some personal family issues.

As the fight between them heated up, strange things began to happen within the Tavern. A thick gooey substance was seen coating the ceiling, walls, and floors, bursts of flame erupted from the floor, obsidian darts shot through the air, and through it all, a sound of violent shouting castigated patrons with accusations of being devil spawned creatures, and worshipers of Satan, as well as admonitions to turn back to the way of a being called “The Christ”.

As these surreal effects became more pronounced, the people in the Tavern were suddenly transported to a series of disjointed locations. In each place they were met with a variety of terrifying characters and surreal images, which strained their sanity to the edges of reason.

Of all the patrons present in the tavern at the time of the teleportation, Havoc and Harmony were the only ones who did not appear at any of the strange locations. Later, those who knew the siblings best claimed that the visions which were seen all correlated to things or events which were important in Havoc and Harmony’s short lives.

At the climax of the event the Heroes were transported to an open black plain, with 12 shifting towers of insanity, and one large pile of dead rubble adorning the skyline. Here Havoc and Harmony finally appeared, each standing in front of a separate tower, and each commanding an armed host of deadly warriors.

In a flurry of action the two armies clashed, with the siblings immediately going for one another’s throats. The heroes of the Tavern were caught in the middle of this immense conflict, fighting desperately against both surging forces for their very lives.

The battle ended when Harmony got the upper hand, wrapping her brother in entropic fluids that she used to crush the life from his body. As he died his Nyxarian nature took over and he exploded with tremendous force that ripped his sister’s body to shreds, causing her to in turn explode as well.

The force of this explosion enveloped everyone present, leading to a series of indescribable events involving shapes, colors, and sounds. The heroes saw two towers collapse, they saw the end of the world, they saw the beginning of creation and then, they were deposited back in the Tavern.

However, once returned, they found that the place had been destroyed. Char covered the walls, tables and chairs had been blasted to pieces, and the entire Tavern showed signs of two very powerful explosions having gone off while they were absent. Havoc and Harmony were also missing upon their return, leading to the eventual conclusion that they must have perished in whatever Fae inspired madness they had all just gotten caught up in.

Due to their unique heritage it was hoped that Havoc and Harmony would be reborn almost immediately in a new host mother and that within a month’s time they would have grown to full maturity and have regained the memories of their past lives. However, the unique nature of this death led some to question whether or not the cycle would indeed start again.

Havoc and Harmony are survived by their parents Aiden and Raelin. Havoc is also survived by his mated widow Jayden, who later confirmed that the spark of life has returned to her marking. The twins souls have indeed been reignited, somewhere in the galaxies.

The Leadership of Hellifyno

In his will, Lord Executive Havoc named Proconsul Tye Sampson to be his replacement as Dictator of Hellifyno, should anything happen to him. In a peculiar twist, Havoc also stipulated that this was a permanent transfer of power, and that upon his rebirth he would not resume the office of Lord Executive.

In a written address distributed to the people of Hellifyno, Tye Sampson addressed issues of succession, governmental legitimacy, and the need for a strong central government in a time of war. The message allayed fears that a permanent monarchy was being set up, and promised the creation of a provisional constitution which would govern the transfer of power back to the citizens of the planet as soon as the current conflicts ceased. He also addressed the recent issue of anarchist groups using violence to protest the actions of Hellifyno’s Federal authorities.

This message, as well as the ascension of Tye Samspon to the office of Lord Executive, was met with widespread enthusiasm from the populace. A popular folk hero amongst the people of the planet, Mr. Sampson is widely regarded as the mastermind behind the Resistance victory over the Slayers during the last great war.

With the death of Havoc and the rise to power of Tye Sampson, the anti-government group headed by the enigmatic “Nameless One” seems to have dispersed, with many members of the organization turning themselves over to the authorities for trial.

A Walk on the Wyld Side

The deific personage of Wyld, one of the three members of the fabled Triat, has been particularly active on the planet Hellifyno of late. A lord of creation and random formation, he has recently moved the fabled Fae Hedge into the realm of reality. The hedge has traditionally been a passage used to move from one world into the realm known as Arcadia. Until now, it has existed outside of the realms of reality. Nobody is certain if this is of import, or is just the random nature of this unpredictable being.

Wyld has also been participating in the revival of Hellifyno’s natural resources, and has aided in these efforts by creating a new species of creature known as the Mook. This new animal is described by citizens of the planet in the following way:

“It stands 15′ tall, the bulk of an elephant chitin armored, head of a jackal stretched over the mouth of a Megadon, eyes segmented like an insect a large primate brain and forearms with opposable thumbs, legs of a giant kangaroo with raptor hunting claws, three metallic horns on its head like coiled cables with a spike bulb for its tail which is twice the length of the body… it has chameleon blending power and has musk glands for defense.”

Along with this predator, new species are popping up all over the place. Strange creatures that blend the bodies and attributes of other animals, some extinct and some still alive. Many of them seem to be harmless prey animals, though they sometimes as large as dinosaurs. The addition of these new creatures is turning out to be a vital improvement for the nourishment of meat eaters across the globe.

The Lady Echo, patron of the planet Hellifyno and guardian of its natural resources, is watching these new creatures closely to determine how they will fit into the planet’s ecosystem.

Infiltrating the Fae

Earlier this week the planet’s new Executive Dictator Tye Sampson got proactive with the war against the Fae. Recruiting a crack team of heroic veterans, he led a covert mission into Fae occupied territory to gather intelligence on the belligerent foe.

Using a system of holographic bracelets, the team was able to take on the appearance of bizarre Fae soldiers. Using the technological glamour as a mask against their magically inclined foes, the team then entered the conquered city of Jai’ Brook and began to explore the strange and twisted machinations of their seemingly mad enemies.

Once inside, the team was met with a sickeningly twisted perversion of what was once a peaceful and thriving southern continental city. Buildings and other permanent structures moaned, spoke, and even moved about as they passed by. Surreal shapes and colors filled the sky, the air took on unusual tastes and smells, and the entire scene was like something out of a dark and terrifying nightmare.

During their exploration the team was recruited into a game of Chicken ball. This popular Fae pastime is much like a cross between football and soccer, however with far fewer rules and much more deadly consequences for the losers. Thanks to a heroic showing by Jared Silverhide as Goalie, and Rye Simmons playing as quarterback, the heroes were able to win the game, and were given permission to freely explore Jai’ Brook at their own discretion.

Later, the team was led to the military creation base where they discovered the process that is used to create the teeming multitudes of Fae soldiers. There they saw a random assortment of living and non living beings ripped to shreds, and then clumsily reassembled by their diabolical designers. The mish-moshed creations were then passed through a murky black substance, resembling the rainbow hued midnight of an oil slick. After this, they become mad but loyal Fae soldiers, ready to fight and die for their new masters.

Thanks to the help of a turncoat Fae possum named Fiddlestix, the team was able to rescue over 50 villagers from the occupied city, transporting them via “glass road” through the infamous hedge, and then on to the safety of the Great Eastern Continent.

While information is still being disseminated from the mission, the team was able to learn about the nature of the Fae armies as well as the creation process used for the building of their soldiers. They were also able to pick up on subtle clues regarding an antenna like structure, which seemed to be receiving and transmitting some sort of magical Fae energy throughout the vicinity. It is hoped that questioning of the turncoat Fae Fiddlestix will yield more useful information in the near future.

The Madness of Elexin

Elexin Harbindale, Vampire Elder and one of the most respected citizens on Hellifyno, has been suffering from a bout of Fae inspired insanity which has rendered him, while already unstable personality wise, practically useless in recent weeks.

In order to try and cure the problem, his mate, Daloki Harbindale, attempted a mission earlier this week to slip a team of supernatural powers into his mind, in order to clear out the hazy Fae influence which had been clouding his judgment.

The mission began easily enough with Daloki and her team experiencing a variety of potent memories from Elexin’s past. However during a reliving of 9/11 – a tragic day in the history of a planet called Earth, the dream seemed to get fuzzy and disjointed. The team was swept through a falling haze of destruction and death into a vast dark plain.

Those who were present describe the scene as being a vast dark wasteland, with 10 surreal Towers of Insanity growing out of it. This landscape lines up very closely with the place that the patrons of the Blue Moon Tavern were teleported to when Havoc and Harmony met their untimely demise.

In this realm, the team was met with three incarnations of Elexin’s personality. One of the figures, a shifting, changing, creative outburst of a being, loomed like an immense shadow over the group. Speaking to them in a series of strange and disjointed sentences, this creature which is being called “Wyld Elexin” pleaded for help in destroying Towers, and removing a force of corruption from the realm of impossibility.

This plea was largely ignored by Daloki, who plunged into one of the towers chasing after the three incarnations of Elexin, determined to do whatever was necessary to help her mate.

After fighting their way up a surreal staircase, fighting talking stones and skeletal beings, with rats of every color raining down from the sky, the team finally made it to the roof where they finally confronted the trio of Elexin’s. Here they were forced to fight these incarnations, killing each of them, before beings ent on a mad and painful ride through impossible realms, back down to the Tavern. During this they were greeted with the destruction of yet another one of the Fae’s insidious Towers.

Upon returning home, the body of Elexin was found missing from the spot where it had been left when they entered his mind. His whereabouts are unknown, and it is being speculated that he might have been killed, much like Havoc and Harmony were, when the battle concluded and the Tower of Insanity fell.


Famed sorcerer and shape shifting legend Kayion Ravgarde ended his fairy tale relationship with vampire socialite and sexpot Amaranta St. Clair this week. The break up has been attributed to “irreconcilable differences.” However, the end of this relationship coincided almost immediately with a new liaison for the smoldering Amaranta, who has been seen hanging on the arm of wealthy industrialist Daniel Plainview.

Rumors are hot and heavy, and many people are speculating that infidelity on the part of one or both parties may have something to do with the untimely parting of this celebrated Hellifyno couple.

Across the World

It is a time of darkness and despair on Hellifyno. The countryside continues to be plagued by roaming hordes of mad Fae soldiers bent on wanton destruction. Towns and cities fall to the armies of the Fae on a weakly basis. The Hellifyno army is trying desperately to fight back against them, by the enemy seems to have almost limitless resources, making it difficult for the government to keep up with their rapid expansion.

Meanwhile food shortages continue to ravage the populace as they struggle to recover from the Darkness and Summer Snow of just a few short weeks ago. Supplies are limited, and magical resources are being stretched to their limits to ensure that all citizens have food, water, shelter, and protection from the dangers that plague the world.

Madness also continues to sweep across the planet, as more people fall pray to the indelible insanity that seems to have filled the air along with the invading Fae armies. While the situation seems desperate, there are still heroes fighting the good fight, opposing the great night, and working to ensure the safety of all of Hellifyno’s residents.