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Christian Cheerleader – Really?

Christian Cheerleader – Really?

If you are a Christian high school student, and have a desire to be on the cheer team, don’t just dismiss that idea as ‘non-Christian.’ If you attend a Christian school, you know that being on the team gives you an opportunity to support your school in sports, and represent your school in the community. And as a Christian, you probably feel pretty confident about being able to serve God and cheer too.

But if you are a believer, and attend a public school you might think you shouldn’t even consider being on the team. There is good reason to be cautious when making the decision, but don’t simply turn your back on the possibility. Below are three questions to ask yourself, and three reasons to consider trying out for the cheerleading team.

The first question to ask yourself is, “Where is this desire coming from?” Do you want to be a cheerleader because you want the prestige that comes with it. This might not be the best motivation for a Christian to be a cheerleader. As a believer you should be careful not to place yourself in a position to become prideful. But if you can truthfully say your heart is clear of pride, move on to the next question:

Next ask yourself how strong your faith is. If you are the only Christian on the team, will you be able to stand alone for Christ? Will you be able to hold on to a love for God first and foremost? Along these same lines, make sure the uniforms do not violate any of your own personal standards for modesty, and that the cheers do not represent anything that makes you feel compromised.

Finally ask yourself if you are willing to be part of a team where people may have a different world view than you do without questioning your faith. It is always good to seek God with questions, and the Bible and God are both strong enough to stand up to any scrutiny. But are you? Will you, as a Christian cheerleader be able to give an account for your faith if questioned.

If you have searched your heart, and feel that you would not be compromising in any way by becoming a cheerleader, then consider trying out for cheerleader at your school. You might be surprised at the benefits you will gain as a Christian Cheerleader.

The first benefit is in the area of discipline. It takes discipline to practice cheerleading and to train constantly, as well as keeping your grades up and being active in your church. If you are Christian, you know how important discipline is in a believer’s life. The discipline required for cheerleading might carry over into other areas of your life as well.

Next consider this: Being a cheerleader will give you a voice. As a cheerleader, people will look up to you, and you will have the opportunity to share your faith, both with your teammates, and possibly with the community. Your good conduct and good testimony will be a refreshing light to those around you.

Finally a wonderful benefit is in actually learning the skill of cheering. Cheerleaders participate in some very prestigious competitions. The winners of these competitions are often awarded sizable college scholarships. If you can stay disciplined and keep your grades up, you might be able to use your cheerleading to help you attend college.

If you are a Christian and you can’t get your mind off those cheerleader try-outs; pray about it. It might be an open door that will give you an opportunity to grow. It might be a season in your life to strengthen yourself physically, socially, emotionally and spiritually. Keep your mind on Christ, try out and see what happens!