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Chicago Cubs

Chicago Cubs

The Chicago Cubs is a Major League Baseball team that is based in Chicago, Illinois. They are owned by the Tribune Company and managed by Lou Piniella, whereas John McDonough and Jim Hendry serve as its president and General Manager respectively. The Cubs and the Chicago White Sox are the two major league teams that are based in Chicago. Both of these clubs are the chartered members of their respective leagues.

After the success of the Cincinnati Red Stockings, the first professional team ever in 1869 several openly professional teams appeared on the scene around 1870. Each team aimed at scoring a victory against the Red Stockings. Several teams adopted different colors and strategies. White was chosen by the Chicago Cubs. A professional league named as the National Association was formed around 1871. it was a first of its kind.

Although the Cubs have seen some overall good seasons, they have failed to achieve the World Series championship title since 1908.

In the 1984 NLCS, the Baseball Cubs played against the San Diego Padres and managed two comfortable victories on their home ground. However the next three games were to be held in San Diego. Of these the Cubs only required one win to make it to the final. They lost the first of these games by a considerable margin. The fourth game was also lost after Steve Garey hit a winning home run. The fifth game was not any different. But they managed to take a led in the sixth game. But a little error led to the victory of the San Diego Padres that took them into the World Series.

Four years later their opponents were the San Francisco Giants in 1989 NLCS. History repeated itself. They won the first two games and despite having a lead lost three straight games owing to small blunders on the management’s behalf and the players, resulting to their exit from the NLCS.

However they managed to emerge victorious against the Atlanta Braves in the NLDS after 14 years. This win made history as it was their first postseason series win since 1908. After this they managed to win against Florida Marlins at a score of 3-1. it was being assumed that they will reach the World Series after 58 seasons.

A wild card entry entered them into the 1998 playoffs. Two young players, Sammy Sosa and Kerry Wood were main contributors to the teams overall success. Their opponents were once again the Atlanta Braves but they failed to repeat their earlier magic and lost out to the Atlanta Braves in three consecutive games.

Later in the 2006 season the Cubs were once again in a very good form. But unfortunately tan injury to their star player Derek Lee who was their baseman, sent the team into frenzy. They performed poorly and also set a record of scoring just 13 runs in 11 games.

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