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Can the Pittsburgh Steelers Repeat As Super Bowl Champions in 2010?

Can the Pittsburgh Steelers Repeat As Super Bowl Champions in 2010?

The Pittsburgh Steelers proved to be the best pro football team in 2009. They came out of the tough AFC with a 12-4 record. They beat three solid football teams in the playoffs including the Arizona Cardinals in Super Bowl XLIII. But do they have what it takes to repeat as Super Bowl champs?

This may surprise most football fans, but I actually think it will be easier for the Cardinals to make it to the next Super Bowl than the Steelers. I think the biggest factor is the strength of the AFC teams. The NFC is much weaker so a team like the Cardinals can make it to the Super Bowl without playing to many powerhouses.

Just look at the NFC. You’ve got five other teams that won 11 or more games including the Baltimore Ravens, the Steelers’ division rival. The New England Patriots, who went 11-5, will have Tom Brady back as their quarterback.

Also, the Steelers dodged a bullet when the Tennessee Titans lost to the Ravens. This gave the Steelers a home game in the championship round instead of a road game against the Titans, the team with the best record in the NFL at 13-3.

Yes, the Steelers will still have an awesome defense but don’t get too high on their offense. Ben Roethlisberger had inconsistent regular season. Their running game was below average and especially subpar during the Super Bowl. In fact, if you take away James Harrison’s interception return for a touchdown and Roethlisberger’s awesome passing game, you would be looking at a different Super Bowl champion.

So, considering these things, it’s unlikely that the Steelers will repeat as Super Bowl winners. This shows the parity of the NFL. There are no real dynasty teams like the old 49ers, Cowboys, or Steelers teams. Many different teams have a shot and it all depends on who gets hot in the playoffs.