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Blue Exorcist Online Review

Blue Exorcist Online Review

Rin Okumura along with his twin brother Yukio was raised by a prestigious priest name Shiro Fujimito. As time passed by, Rin was surprised when he found out that his biological father was actually Satan. Living on the border between the human world called Assiah and demon world known as Gehema, Rin pledge to become the ultimate exorcist and aim to fight his own father. To improve his skills, Rin joined the True Cross Academy to train with other exorcists.

The fans of Blue exorcist are looking forward to the next season.

Episode 1-5: Awakening the Son of Satan

Although the anime has been continuously developing, the first 5 episodes are not quite different from the story in the manga version. The episode 1-5 is the basic foundation of the story and eventually set up the central premise of the series. In these episodes, it focuses with Rin Okumura, the son of Satan and his plan to revenge for the death of his father who adopts him and known to be the strongest exorcist. Rin joined a group of another exorcist to train himself.
Each of the characters developed an emotional feeling that the audience understands their personality compare to other series.

Episodes 6-10: The Exwire Exam

From these episodes, expect to have an introduction to a real action fight. The first 5 episodes established the personality of the characters while in these episodes, Rin continues his training in the True Cross Academy. As the exorcist continue to train, they will be tested for Exwire which is known to be the lowest rank of an exorcist. These episodes get a quick darker direction. The audience will be able to see a glimpse of the evil outside the True Cross Academy.

Episodes 5-11: New Friends Old Enemies

Following the test for the Exwire, the train exorcists are sent on a mission which is a basic exorcism. In these episodes, they will be able to face new threats and challenges. Things are starting to get real in these episodes such as big fights and etc.

Episodes 16 and 17: Trial of the Blue Exorcist

In these 2 episodes, the true world of Blue Exorcists is now shown to the characters. Important stories are happening here.

Episodes 18 to End: The Reason for the Guide

These episodes have good and bad filler. In these episodes, the buildup of the characters is good just like the one from the manga series.