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Allstate Arena – Music, Sports, and Entertainment Under One Roof

Allstate Arena – Music, Sports, and Entertainment Under One Roof

A vast sporting complex located in Rosemont, Illinois, and is used extensively for football, hockey, basketball and musical concerts. When visiting the city visitors are ensured of finding an event taking place at Allstate Arena.

Sport is the strongest offering at the Arena as the stadium is the home of the Chicago Wolves hockey club, Chicago Sky (WNBA) and the DePaul University’s Men’s basketball team. It is for this reason that guests almost always have the chance to witness thrilling hockey, football and basketball matches.

Allstate Arena is also one of the staple venues for the ever popular World Wrestling Entertainment and is used as its base in the region. The arena has been used to host numerous shows including ‘SmackDown’, ‘Raw’ and various other pay per views. Visitors just may have the chance to catch their favourite wrestler up close and personal at the Allstate Arena.

When it comes to music an impressive gathering of stars and famous acts from around the world have graced this venue with their stellar performances. In fact the presence of music at Allstate Arena is especially big when compared to that of other similar stadiums. Famous performers include Iron Maiden, Queen, Michael Jackson, Madonna, Metallica, Guns N’ Roses, Bon Jovi, Britney Spears and a host of others. When travelling to Illinois remember to check the events at Arena for there may be a high profile music performer scheduled for a show.

The Allstate Arena is the perfect destination for catching celebrities whether they are sporting greats or renowned entertainment performers. Celebrities aside this stadium is the perfect destination for an eventful evening of sports or a musical event.

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