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A Noble And Grand Idea

A Noble And Grand Idea

What a noble and grand idea, the thought of the Chiefs hosting a Super Bowl in a new state-of-the-art stadium with a retractable roof. A Super Bowl in Kansas City might seem like a pipe dream but if Detroit can play host in 2006 then why not Kansas City in 2012 or beyond?

The economic windfall alone should inspire the Greater Kansas City area to soften their stance on stadium renovations. I know a little bit about Kansas City but I know a lot more about Detroit. The amount of infrastructure work being done in and around metro Detroit alone is worth bringing a Super Bowl to any large city. Freeways from the airport are being rebuilt. These roads would be allowed to decay even further if not for the impending Super Bowl at Ford Field. This is just one example of improvements that last long after a Super Bowl has come and gone. So economically it’s a no-brainer right? The only way the Chiefs will get a new stadium built is with some form of public funding. So far this has been a hot-button issue for local voters who last fall rejected a much more modest attempt at such legislation. It seems even more unlikely that local voters would approve taxes for a new stadium given their love of Arrowhead.

What could possibly sway the voters’ opinion? What one single event could turn the whole tide and make voters run to the booths in glee to approve a new stadium proposal? Of course the answer is simple. Win the Super Bowl. That’s right it’s that simple. It’s time for the Chiefs organization as a whole to push all their chips into middle and go for the Super Bowl. The window is open for this to happen but it won’t stay open forever.

I know what the skeptics are thinking. Every year the Chiefs delegation goes to the league meetings and comes up with some ideas out of left field. This idea of Kansas City hosting a Super Bowl isn’t one of them. It can happen but not before the public approves funding for a new stadium and the only way that will happen is with a Super Bowl title. If the Chiefs do their part and win the Super Bowl then I have confidence that the voters will do theirs’ and approve funding for a new stadium. I can’t see one happening without the other. I think the fans passion for Arrowhead and dislike of pork barrel public funding proposals will prevent approval without a Super Bowl title to sway the public.

So as Lamar Hunt lobbies the league for a Super Bowl in Kansas City the ball is essentially in his court. Will Carl Peterson and the front office be allowed to go all out in their off-season pursuit of talent? Peterson and his staff have begun the process with the Bell and Knight signings but what else will they be able to do? Whomever else the Chiefs sign, trade or draft will go a long way in answering the question can the Chiefs win the Super Bowl? Which in turn will answer the bigger question will Kansas City ever host a Super Bowl?

There are a lot of questions and it’s up to the Chiefs to figure out the right answers.