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5 Reasons to Get Up and Skateboard When It’s Cold

5 Reasons to Get Up and Skateboard When It’s Cold

When it’s freezing cold outside, finding the motivation to go outside and practice your skateboarding skills can seem like a near impossible task. It can be hard to resist the temptation of just slouching back on a comfy sofa, with a hot mug of coffee and hibernating until spring time arrives. It’s a problem that every skateboarder experiences at some point or another. So, if you’re suffering from a severe case of winter skateboarding apathy, just read on, and you’re guaranteed to want to get up and out there, whatever the weather.

1. Awesome Winter Streetwear
There are so many awesome winter streetwear lines out at the moment, and the cold weather gives you the perfect excuse to indulge in a little retail therapy, which is always something to smile about. Penfield and Dunderdon are both renowned for the style, practicality and quality of their coats, so if you go for one of these brands you know that you’re guaranteed to look bang on trend, and still be comfortable and warm. Many streetwear brands design their clothes with skateboarding in mind, so it shouldn’t take you long to find something that suits your specific needs.

2. Help Cure the Winter Blues
Winter can be miserable enough without depriving yourself of something that you truly love. Plus, there’s nothing better than a little physical exertion to get the endorphins flowing, and to ward away the winter blues. However cold it is, you’ll warm up soon enough once you start skating.

3. Practice Makes Perfect
In skateboarding, only the hardcore will survive. If you were a guitar player, you wouldn’t put your instrument down for 6 months out of every year. Well, not if you wanted to be any good at it. If you persevere during the cold months, by the time the warm weather comes, your skills will be so honed that you’ll make everyone else look like amateurs. In skateboarding, if you want to be the best, you have to give your best.

4. Have Skateparks all to yourself
In the winter, many skateparks are frequently empty and free of the manic hustle and bustle of the warmer months. So, this gives you the perfect opportunity to try out all those complicated new tricks, without the fear of embarrassment if you end up falling flat on your face.

5. Commitment to the Cause
Skateboarding has evolved so much since its inception back in the 1950s. There are now more skate parks than ever before, and some schools are even offering it as an extra-curricular activity. Skateboarding not only has its foot in the door of mainstream culture, it has been invited in and offered refreshments. And it never would have gotten this far if the skating community had let such a minor thing as cold weather get in their way. Skateboarders have fought hard to be accepted – are you really going to let down the cause and leave the skate parks abandoned, all because of a little cold weather?

So, there we have it. If that lot didn’t inspire you to get out on your board then nothing will – all that’s left to say is what are you waiting for?