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3 Strategies For Motivating Employees and Increasing Productivity

3 Strategies For Motivating Employees and Increasing Productivity

There’s a simple secret all businesses need to learn in order to increase sales and productivity. Happy, motivated employees are good employees. Most of the time, it doesn’t even matter what the job is or what the company does. If employees are motivated and feel like they’re taken care of by management, the company’s productivity increases. Three easy ways for a company to motivate employees are hiring a motivational speaker, taking employees on a company retreat and starting an incentive program.

Hiring A Motivational Speaker

A motivational speaker can be a great way to motivate employees, but choosing one can be a daunting task. How do you know if you’re getting a good one? First, decide how your message should be delivered. Do you want an expert in your field or do you want someone who’s specially trained in motivating employees? The best bet is usually a speaker who’s has some experience specifically motivating employees. They can always tailor their message to your company, but a professional motivational speaker will most likely have a variety of tools, from anecdotes to humor to hold a group’s attention.

Don’t be afraid to ask for and check references. A professional motivational speaker will have a list of past clients and be willing to share them with a potential client. Also, ask to see a video recording of a past speech.

Taking Employees On A Company Retreat

A retreat doesn’t have to be complicated. Just the act of getting out of the office for a day will often recharge employees. A keynote speaker to bring everyone together at the beginning and the end of the day will foster great communication. Be sure to plan lots of different team building activities for employees and break them out in small groups to talk about positive and negative employee issues and how they can be improved. A good keynote speaker should have some ideas that go along with his or her speech.

Starting An Incentive Program

At your retreat, have your keynote speaker lay out a new employee incentive program. If you’re stuck on ideas, ask your motivational speaker for things they’ve seen work in other workplaces. One simple incentive program is a public thank you to employees. It works like this. Provide blank post cards to each employee. If someone else helped them in any way, ask them to write a little note of thanks on the card.

Cards can then be posted in a public place for everyone to read. At the end of the month, collect all the cards and have a drawing for one prize winner. The prize can be something as simple as a gift card to a local lunch spot or an extra hour of vacation pay. Then, all cards can be given to the person they were for. It’s a simple way to make employees feel like a team and doesn’t cost a lot to start up or maintain.

Starting with a motivational speaker, there are hundreds of ways companies can motivate their employees to be at their best. Motivated employees will be the backbone of your company and are well worth their weight in gold.