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Your Ex Says He Needs Time – What You Have to Do to Get Him Back

Your Ex Says He Needs Time – What You Have to Do to Get Him Back

Your ex says he needs time. Time is the last thing in the world you want. You know inside that your destiny is with him but he seems completely unsure of that. It’s incredibly difficult to be in this position because the only thing you can see in front of you is a future without the one man you adore. You’re bound to feel panicked and it’s those unstable emotions that will lead you to do things that will actually undermine your chances of getting him back. If your ex boyfriend has expressed a need for some time alone, there are things you absolutely must do in response to set the stage for him to come running back to you.

When your ex says he needs time you need to not jump to any strong conclusions. It’s natural for you to assume that he’s saying that because he doesn’t want to talk to you anymore. That may actually be true but it’s important to note that it’s a temporary thing. Men deal with emotional situations, including break ups, much differently than women do. A man needs time to sort through what he’s feeling. He can’t do that if he’s constantly listening to you telling him why he needs to take you back. You have to see his need for some distance for what it is, and that’s his way of working through everything he’s feeling.

The best move any woman can make when an ex boyfriend says he wants some time is to give it to him. Time can be your best ally because it will give you both an opportunity to appreciate what the other person brought to your life. If you consider the fact that your ex may just come to miss you like crazy when you two stop talking for a bit, it’s well worth giving him what he wants right now.

Be mature about it. When he expresses his need for some time apart, tell him you also see the value in it. If you show him that you’re strong enough to weather this storm, he’ll see the best in you. He’ll also be left with a picture in his mind of a resilient and capable woman, not one who is falling apart right before his very eyes.

The amount of time he’s going to need is really going to vary depending on the individual. You have to be willing to give him at least a few weeks of interrupted space. During this time focus on your own emotional health. Pamper and spoil yourself and think positive thoughts about when he’ll come back.

Once a man has a chance to live his life without his ex, he’ll almost always have second thoughts. He’ll start to feel a deep void and he’ll focus on the special moments they’ve shared together in the past. It will make him long for another chance and you’ll be right there waiting to make it happen.