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The Casio Wave Ceptor Digital Sport Watch – Eternal, Precise Time

The Casio Wave Ceptor Digital Sport Watch – Eternal, Precise Time

The Casio digital sports watch is a widely popular brand of sports watch. Known for their cheap, yet robust qualities, this famous timepiece includes a capable chronograph stopwatch that can to record lap splits within a session. Other standard features of the watch include, countdown timer, multiple time zones, water resistance and alarms.

Casio’s “Wave Ceptor” line, is designed to continuously adjust the watch’s time, through radio waves received from atomic clocks stationed at central geographical locations. These government run time services are guaranteed to be accurate to within the order of one second in three million years, meaning you can expect your Wave Ceptor watch to always be accurate with no need to ever manually set the time.

Before rushing out and buying one of these self-adjusting radio watches, be warned that this technology does have some limitations. These watches will not adjust themselves in certain geographical areas where they cannot receive a radio wave signal.

The signal towers which broadcast the time setting signal are available in certain countries. These include:

  • Japan
  • Germany
  • The UK
  • Switzerland
  • France
  • and the US

There must also be a clear path for the signal to be received by the watch. The signal can be affected under the following conditions:

  • Within buildings
  • When driving
  • Around devices, equipment, electrical appliances and mobile phones
  • Around large, high tension power lines
  • Near large natural objects, mountains, trees, boulders, hills, etc

Night time is actually a better time for receiving a signal. The amount of time the watch requires to calibrate, itself can take up to 12 minutes, although on average it usually only takes a couple of minutes. When the watch is calibrating, you should avoid button presses.

Casio Wave Ceptor watches also feature solar cells that have the ability to top up the battery of the watch. Whether from direct sunlight or an indoor light source, the battery is automatically charged and ready to go.

The Wave Ceptor line includes five main watch models. These include:

  • The WVM120DJ-7
  • The WVM120J-1
  • The WV300A-7AV
  • The WV200A-1AV
  • and WV200A-2AV

The silver colored WV300DA-7A has a different shape from the other Wave Ceptor watches. It is rectangular, but otherwise shares similar features to the WV200A-1AV and WV200A-2AV watches.

Shaped more like a business watch, the WVM120DJ-7 and WVM120J-1 watches are water resistant to 100 M and have five alarms. Unlike the other Wave Ceptor models, these watches feature Multi-Band 5 functionality. Multi-Band 5 is the ability to receive signals from 5 towers around the globe at a rate of six times a day.

Sporting a round shaped body, the WV200A-1AV and WV200A-2AV watches can display the day of the week in 9 different languages and up to 29 time zones and 48 cities. With a large LCD readout and differing only by color these watches have:

  • 200 meter water resistant
  • Stopwatch
  • elapsed time
  • lap time
  • split time
  • 1st and 2nd place times
  • A countdown timer
  • EL Backlight with Afterglow
  • auto calendar
  • hourly time signal
  • The WV200A-1AV and WV200A-2AV watches are updated six times every day, but unlike the WVM120DJ-7 and WVM120J-1, the WV200A-1AV and WV200A-2AV watches only receive updates from Fort Collins in the US.

    Casio Wave Ceptor watches switch off some of their features in order to reserve battery power, if the watch is left in low light conditions. With approximately 8 months of battery life with no recharging.