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Spencer Webb’s Death is a Tragic Reminder to Appreciate Personal Stories of Student Athletes

Spencer Webb’s Death is a Tragic Reminder to Appreciate Personal Stories of Student Athletes

We require to discuss about Spencer Webb.

Oregon Limited Conclusion Spencer Webb passed absent at the age of 22 yesterday in what is being dominated a diving accident at Triangle Lake exterior of Eugene. 

Spencer Webb’s story was a single of extraordinary perseverance, and if you want to know much more about the type of youthful guy he was, I propose you read through John Canzano’s newest piece about the adversity he had to defeat to get wherever he was. 

Like Spencer Webb, I also performed Restricted Stop at Oregon. 

Like Spencer Webb, my college or university yrs ended up used using advantage of the remarkable organic attractiveness of the Lakes and rivers outside the house of Eugene. It helped grow my horizons as a youthful person from Southern California, and aided mildew me into the gentleman I am nowadays. 

I’m devastated that we will not get to see how Spencer Webb’s time in Eugene aided mould him. 

It is stories like this that serve as a sobering reminder that these higher education football empires are designed on the backs of younger adult men striving to make their way in the planet. 

If we hope to save what built college or university soccer a single of the world’s best spectator gatherings, we cannot get dropped in the dizzying company features of this sport, like coaching carousels, meeting carousels, and mountains of tv money.

We will need to target on the persons. Men and women like Spencer Webb, who rose up from awful circumstances to give himself unlimited alternatives. 

Consider a minute right now to reflect on and respect the stories of the younger males that make up your beloved university group.

We need to have to focus our strength on offering these young adult males their flowers although we nevertheless have the probability. We need to let their tales influence and inspire us in the instant. 

Let that sink in.