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Quality Bedding With Lots of Choices

Quality Bedding With Lots of Choices

Lambs and Ivy has been manufacturing the highest quality bedding, gifts, and bedding accessories for over 25 years. They are dedicated to providing parents with unique design and creating a loving and safe environment for your baby that will be filled with wonder and fantasy.

They have excelled when it comes to knowing the latest trends, fashions, designs and of course, the most popular cartoons to give you the latest designs and provide your little one with the prettiest and adorable bedding available.

Lambs and Ivy are not just committed to creating beautiful and durable bedding but they also pay close attention to the bedding they create to ensure safety and comfort above all else. They create all their products as if they were designing each item for their own children.

Today, many parents are turning to Lambs and Ivy for providing them with quality products for their baby’s nursery including crib bedding, cradle bedding and toddler bedding. Lambs and Ivy is the company that will be there for you until your child is no longer a toddler by providing soft, comfortable, safe, and adorable styles for your little one.

Lambs and Ivy is fast becoming the most popular bedding around with not only their quality and standards they set for creating their bedding, but also the many choices parents have when they choose this brand name.

When it comes to themes Lambs and Ivy provides many unique and exquisite themes that are sure to please your bundle of joy whether you are creating a nursery for a boy or girl.

Some of the most popular themes they offer for either a boy or girl include Jungle Magic, Twinkle Twinkle, Razzle Dazzle, Jungle Parade, Aloha Baby, Mommy & Me, Froggy Tales, Rhyme Time, Moo Moo Baby, and Country Farm. For themes for the crib and for the toddler, they offer Snoopy & Family and Jungle Jamboree. For the cradle and crib, they have the adorable Dream Teddy bedding set. In addition, if you prefer a theme that will go with the crib, the cradle, and with a toddler bed, then you have to look at Peek a Boo Snoopy.

Choosing the perfect theme for your little princess will as easy as looking at the options you have with Lambs and Ivy. Some of the most popular themes they offer for little girls include Ruffles, Sweet as a Daisy for crib, cradle, and toddler, Secret Garden for crib and cradle, Hello Kitty for crib, cradle, and toddler, Tutu Teddy, Peppermint Candy, Angel Bear, and Bright Butterfly.

No other bedding company has so many choices for the modern family and the best quality bedding for your little one that Lambs and Ivy. For a little boy they offer more bedding than practically anyone else does. Some of the most popular themed sets for the rough and tumble boy include Jungle Magic, Precious Cargo, City Babies, Team Sports, Baby Aviator for crib and toddler, Sports USA for crib and toddler, Baby League for crib and cradle, Rhyme Time, and Choo Choo Express.