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Now Is the Time to Convert to a Web Based Time Clock System

Now Is the Time to Convert to a Web Based Time Clock System

Whether you have had to punch in as an employee, had to sort through dozens of cards as a payroll representative or spent years as a manager trying to make recording employee hours accurate and efficient, there is little doubt that you will see the value in using a web-based time clock system.

With the traditional time clock system, employees are stuck wasting valuable minutes waiting in line to punch in, and if the line is moving too slowly or they find themselves at the end of it, chances are that they are going to be starting the work day late. Also the old school method is anything but environmentally friendly with the thousands of production cards that are wasted each year. This scheme forces valuable work hours to be wasted deciphering employee information, reviewing it and inserting it into a payroll structure. This does not even take into account the lost hours needed to correct mistakes or hours not being kept accurately by this antiquated way of doing things.

The answer to the above mentioned dilemmas is to transition to a web-based time clock system. This money-saving product allows employees to clock in at their individual workspace computers. It also eliminates the use of paper cards and the hours spent perusing through them trying to figure out how much each employee actually worked. Not only that, but some of these web-based alternatives even come with voice or fingerprint recognition software. This allows employees to simply speak or swipe their finger to clock in, completely eliminating the problems of inefficiency and incorrect information being recorded.

Many of these online hours recording products are even cloud based. That means that if you are a manager in a meeting halfway across the world, you can simply log into the software on your tablet and quickly find out if any of your workers did not show up, were late, or began the work day early. Also, with the adoption of internet standard time, online products are more accurate than any other type. As a user, you will never again worry about making sure you are maintaining a temperamental device to keep it accurate. Instead you will know beyond a shadow of a doubt that the hours being recorded by your employees were actually the hours that they were available for work.

Along with recording much more accurate production hours, web-based time clock systems can also take a ton of work off of your plate. These products can automatically calculate payroll and individual paid time off accrual. Also, some of them even come with geographical location employee tracking services, so you literally always know exactly where your employees are. Finally, there is the issue of cost. These products generally cost around five to ten dollars per month to operate with no expensive paper or ink to buy ever. Needless to say, the money that you are saving by going web-based is reason enough to switch. Save money, gain productivity and move into the twenty-first century with this outstanding web-based model.