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Instaconversions – The Reasons For Shopping Cart Abandonment and Their Prevention

Instaconversions – The Reasons For Shopping Cart Abandonment and Their Prevention

There are various reasons why shoppers might choose to engage in shopping cart abandonment, such as the following scenarios:

• Indecisive about the purchase – Customer is not sure about buying this product
• Rejected credit card – A credit card is expired or has reached maximum limit and is rejected at the final stage in checkout
• Checkout process too complex -Sometimes, the checkout process requires too many details and is rather complicated
• Checkout process too lengthy – Frequently, the checkout process is so long that the customer feels that he/ she does not want to take the time to purchase the item after all
• Rates too high – The rates for purchasing merchandise may seem too high
• Do not have the required information needed for the transaction – Depending upon what information is needed, the individual may not have the correct information available at the time of checkout
• Get disconnected from the internet – If a user gets bumped or disconnected from the internet, he/ she may decide to wait until later to make the purchase
• Item not available at checkout – The item is either discontinued or sold out
• Too high delivery rates – The freight charges seem too costly for the item being purchased
• Decided to engage in comparison shopping – Customer decides at the last minute to compare prices at other sites
• Easy to leave the shopping cart – A customer can leave the shopping cart area and discontinue his/her transaction with just “a click of the mouse”.

There are preventive measures that can be implemented to discourage shopping cart abandonment and this is where instaconverisons comes in. These ways include gaining trust from customers, as well as providing incentives such as coupons or discounted items (buy 1 get 1 free) for completed sales. These components help customers to not be indecisive in regard to their online purchases.

A few other ways might very well include visual safety icons that reassure customers of secure online payment entries and easy shopping cart return features. All of these elements encourage customers to proceed through the shopping cart and finalize their transactions. Of course, it only takes one click of the mouse to disengage a transaction, so it is important for an online company to use every innovative method possible to entice their customers to complete their transactions. One that is quite successful is instaconversions. Some companies even offer a free gift at the end of check out, which are much the same incentives that some banks use when opening a new account. Usually the gifts change from time to time, which keeps interest and desire alive among the customers.

All in all, online shopping is rather effortless, if the company has a clear and easily navigable site. It is important for the shopping cart area to include a rather short checkout process, so as to not discourage customers from completing this process. If all of these factors are carefully considered and implemented, then there should be less shopping cart abandonment and more successfully completed sales, which makes for increased profits and revenues for the companies offering these products or services.