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How to Talk to a Shy Dating Partner

How to Talk to a Shy Dating Partner

He seemed like your Prince Charming. He asked you out. So naturally you said yes.

Perhaps he’s a nice guy, but you never know how the date will turn out for sure until it’s over.

During the date, you notice that your Prince Charming seems a little nervous. Perhaps he seems like he drank too much coffee before the date. It seems like those long, awkward silences get between you and your conversations with him. He looks like he is going to faint.

But perhaps he’s not trying to hide something. Maybe he’s just shy.

Perhaps he does not have a lot of experience dating. Perhaps you don’t either. But you can help him out of his awkwardness by helping him a little to find his tongue.

Conversation is a two-way street. It involves give and take. If he feels shy and awkward, don’t let it make you feel shy and awkward too! He is still a nice guy. Why not help him out?

Usually first dates with someone involve lunch or dinner or going to a movie together. In between or during these activities there is time for conversation.

The event you are participating in can provide much fodder for discussion. How is the food? Has he eaten here before? As he read reviews of the movie you’re going to see? Does he like action or adventure movies or romance? Get him going with a few open-ended questions.

Don’t be afraid to do some of the talking yourself. Perhaps you need to prime the pump a little. By sharing of yourself, you will send him the message that he can share of himself a bit as well. It will also help to fill in any awkward silences.

When planning the date, be open to activities that won’t require too much conversation.

If he is a nice guy, despite his initial awkwardness, there are surely places you will want to go and things you will want to try on subsequent dates. Giving him feedback on the kinds of things you enjoy will not only help the two of you to make conversation, but will loosen him up a bit and help the two of you to have fun on your date.

By helping your date break the ice, you will be helping him to conquer the limitations that separate the two of you. After awhile, he will begin to loosen up a bit.

Indeed, he could turn out to be your knight in shining armor.