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How to Celebrate Rakhi Festival in India

How to Celebrate Rakhi Festival in India

RAKHI, a famous north Indian festival is celebrated around the world every year in the month of august which is the month of festivals. The festival is celebrated variedly in different parts of the region. On the auspicious day of Raksha Bandhan both brother and sister sits face to face after performing Puja, then sister applies a tilak on brother’s forehead and performs aarti for him .The sister then ties a rakhi thread on her brother’s hand for his long, healthy and happy life. Rakhi helps to ward of the evil spirits and protect him supremely and it strengthens the bond and everlasting love between them. The materials that are used to make the traditional rakhi are feather fibers as well as some glitters added to it. It also contains metals like gold, silver beads, which add a beauty to the thread, and much needed glamour as the person is going to wear for almost a year. Brother shows his thankfulness to his sister for her love and vow to protect her from all hardships in life. Brother and sister share sweets and spend harmonious time with rest of the family members. The rituals are performed to the god so that they bless both the brother and the sister with their divine help.

Brother pampers their loving sisters by giving return gifts to them. It can be some cash or gifts like jewelry, soft toys or dress etc. Sisters too show love for their brothers by showering gifts on them. Those who stay away from their siblings take help of the courier, postal and online Internet services to make each other feel special and wish to be together on the day of Raksha Bandhan.

You will find a wide variety of rakhi gifts in the market that a brother gives to his sister to show his love and care for his sister. In early days brothers used to give cash to their sisters as return gifts. But now-a-days gift articles are given as Rakhi Return Gifts. For sisters who are fond of jewelry you can gift them some nice jewelry like rings, pendants, earrings etc. For fashion loving sisters’ mirrored bags, fancy tops, nice perfumes etc. can be gifted. Now for the sisters who have younger brothers who are interested in playing and love to sport, gift ideas like video games, toys, games CDs, etc will be the right choice. And brothers who are interested in reading you can gift them good reference book, novels, etc. Hence, this festival is celebrated all over the world to re-assure the sacred relationship of brother and sister.