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Historical NBA Statistics

Historical NBA Statistics

There are so many great players that made up the historical NBA statistics. The statistics determine the all-time leaders in several aspects of NBA. Every year, all statistics in NBA are historically recorded in books and databases for proper archives. In this way, it much easier to go back from time to time on the names of basketball greats and legends who made it on the top on various aspects.

Historical NBA statistics are divided in different categories namely the individual statistics, team statistics, play off statistics, and finals statistics. For each of these categories, there are sub-categories in it where percentage determines the league leaders of the particular season. The sub-categories include the scoring, rebounds, turnovers, assists, steals, blocks, 3-point percentage, free throw percentage and field goal percentage. In the recent times, there are two special categories included namely the Lenovo statistics and the NBA Hotspots. The Lenovo statistics reflect the power of team work. It determines the best combination and best-engineered of players on the court. Meanwhile the NBA Hotspots, the shot charts of every individual player from all the different teams in NBA are shown.

The historical NBA statistics are sorted accordingly to the conference, players, statistics, and splits. In this way, the results are displayed efficiently for the audiences. The team by team statistics are shown in different divisions of Atlantic, Southwest, Central and Northwest.

For every historical NBA statistics there are leaders for every individual category statistics. With these statistics, comparisons are being made to determine who among the players should be recorded as the leader for the particular category.

In viewing the historical NBA statistics via online, there are various tools and resources that you can use. With the attendance resources, you can sort through the attendance numbers of every stadium as it comes with categories that are sortable. There is the team versus team statistics comparison tool where the user can compare two of his favorite teams in accordance to several criteria. The RPI resource is a formula that rates the teams based on their strength and records of schedules. If you want to view the best games of your favorite player in terms of scored points, the resources of season bests are recommended. There are also the daily leaders resource for the results of the previous’ top performers. If you want to view the lists of the NBA leaders in accordance to the rating system of ESPN then go to the season leaders’ resource. For the best games of your favorite players based on the rating system of ESPN, the resource tool of best games is the best place to access. Lastly is the all-time leaders’ resource tool where you can see all names of leaders who made it on the major statistical categories.