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High Level Overview of the OnLive Technology

High Level Overview of the OnLive Technology

Just last month, a new “Games on Demand” service was launched and it is already making a huge impression on gamers. For seven years, the founder, Steve Perlman and hundreds of talented people have worked together to design something unique, a gaming solution so powerful and fast and gamers would never want to use anything else and the payoff was worth the wait. OnLive on-demand is unique in a number of ways, which is why it is already a popular choice.

For one thing, OnLive on-demand uses a new technology in which algorithms are compressed. Because of this, the software component used on the home device only needs a one-megabyte plug-in along with internet connection. With that, data is decompressed and then displayed. What makes this so different is that with other online gaming services, more hardware is required for the decompression process.

Okay, so to put it into perspective, internet data, also referred to as packets, are constantly changed in structure and order by algorithms when processing through the internet. The time it takes for a single packet to be delivered and returned is only 80 milliseconds, which is extremely quick. Being able to compress the algorithms even further means that games being delivered to the gamer are lightening fast!

Unfortunately, many companies before the launch of OnLive have tried to crack the secret code but without success. While some “Games on Demand” companies have had fair and even good success, the technology on which OnLive on-demand was developed definitely sets them apart from the competition. Using a broadband connection that runs at two megabits every second for standard type graphics and five megabits per second for the higher definition graphics, OnLine outshines other online gaming services.

Today, approximately 71% of all homes in the United States with internet connection run on two megabits per second. With this, gamers can enjoy online entertainment from the privacy of the home as long as they are no more than 1,000 miles distance from the gaming server. However, with OnLive on-demand services and its incredible compression capabilities, people around the world get service and with the support of only five data centers.

Although OnLive on-demand surpasses what other online gaming companies can offer, there are still a few restrictions. For instance, 1080p resolution, the best available on televisions and game consoles is not yet achievable. For this to occur, speeds of 10 megabits per second would be required for broadband. Now, some countries can offer that level of performance to include Japan but the cost is extremely high. Keeping cost down while still offering the best speed available is the primary focus of OnLive on-demand at this time.

Currently, OnLive on-demand is revolutionizing the internet gaming industry and with additional visions by the founder Steve Perlman on the horizons, it is expected that when once the service reaches full potential, it is going to forever change the way online video games are played. The outcome is doors of opportunity for gaming publishers, as well as the end-user.