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Building the New York Yankees Dynasty

Building the New York Yankees Dynasty

The Yankees are popular to be one of the best baseball teams there is. The team has the most number of championships in baseball history. They have earned thirty-nine American League banners and they also have a total of twenty-six World Series titles.

The team has a rich history before becoming one of the most envied teams in the Major league Baseball. It started when the National League hindered the American League from putting a team in New York. Because of this, the American League opted to establish the team in Baltimore instead. This gave birth to the Baltimore Orioles.

John McGraw was part owner of the Orioles. He was also assisting the Giants at that time and has slowly gained control. He caused conflicts when he started to raid for players, the American League has to look into the matter. In order to settle the issue, a conference with the National League took place. This led to an agreement that allowed the AL to have a team in New York. As a result, the Orioles moved to New York, thus the New York Highlanders emerged. However, the name New York Yankees would pop up from time to time until it became the popular name of the team.

After moving to New York in 1903, the team had several encounter with the AL pennant. However, it was not only in 1921 that they finally earned their first. This also marked their first World Series Appearance where they faced their rival, the New York Giants. The Giants took home the World Series. The same scenario occurred in 1922, again, the Yankees failed to win the World Series. They faced the Giants for the third consecutive time in 1923. This time, they successfully took home the championship. It marked the beginning of their domination.

Many take into account the success of the team to the purchase of one of the greatest baseball players of all time, Babe Ruth. The Boston Red Sox sold him to the Yankees in 1919. The sale has even given birth to one of the most popular sports curses, the curse of the Bambino.

Ruth has helped the Yankees travelled a successful route. Many would say that Babe Ruth is accountable for the building of the Yankee stadium since it was his impressive home runs that draw people to watch the game. Some would call the stadium as the House that Ruth Built.

However, no baseball team is a one-man team. Although Babe Ruth is very talented, his team should get credit as well. The Yankees team gave birth to the Murderer’s Row. This was a name given to the strong lineup of the New York Yankees led by Babe Ruth. Many said that their lineup in 1927 was the strongest in baseball history.

After Babe Ruth, several talented players played for the team. Some of them were Joe DiMaggio, Mickey Mantle, and Yogi Berra.

The team holds the records for the most number consecutive years of World Series won. This took place in 1949 to 1953.

Most of the greatest players in baseball history played with the team. No wonder why they keep on winning championship titles even after Ruth retired.