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Bosu Ball History

Bosu Ball History

A bosu ball is an athletic training device which was invented in the year 1999 by David Weck. The bosu stands for Both Sides Utilized where as officially it is called both sides UP. Bosu is a balance training system that uses a piece of equipment which looks like a half ball. Bosu training will not just involve the physical activity but also presence of mind therefore it trains both your mind and body simultaneously.

There are several products available in the market; the most popular one is the bosu 3D training system. This system consists of a base and a balance bar. The product usually ranges from £60 to £150 and it completely depends on the accessories that are available in the package. You can order the product directly from bosu official website.

The system is designed to perk up sense of balance and power to build lean muscle mass and also for cardiovascular workouts to burn calories and fat. This can obviously be better equipment for workouts. It also helps in improving sports ability for tennis, baseball, football, hockey, soccer, basketball, golf, and skiing & snowboarding.

Bosu training system has attracted many people, since it is very compact and easy to move. When buying fitness equipment, first thing we look out for the space it occupies at home, bosu balls removes this worry completely. It can easily fit even in a very small space.

You can do several forms of exercises using this training system such as strength training, cardiovascular exercise and so on.