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Application Of PVC In Consumer Goods

Application Of PVC In Consumer Goods

PVC is increasingly being used in manufacturing various everyday products, as a substitute of leather. The prime reason behind this increased use is that PVC is not only cheaper to produce but it also offers enhanced flexibility in a number of applications.

Here are some reasons why PVC is so popular among manufacturers;

1. PVC is light weight and yet strong and durable.
2. It is easy to use and can be converted into various forms.
3. It is waterproof.
4. It is chemical attack resistant.

The manufacturing of PVC requires low energy hence, making the manufacturing cost effective both in the terms of environmental and economic terms.

PVC is used for several packaging purposes such as PVC hanger bags, sachet display, soap hangers and may more.

PVC applications in consumer goods

Several types of consumer goods are either made from PVC or contain PVC. Some of the examples are:


PVC is used in manufacturing the uppers and soles of shoes. This material serves as an alternative to traditional leather, hence enabling cost-effective manufacturing. It is also used in sports shoes so as to provide support, strength and shock absorbance in challenging environment.


The durability and toughness of PVC makes it an excellent material for manufacturing hanger bags, pouches, sachet displays, soap hangers and luggage. These are available in varied material effective an colors and are suitable for all types of environments, from house to shops.

Sports equipment

Not only for sports shoes, PVC is also used as a coating and covering in sports clothing and equipment in different sports such as rugby, football, golf and so on.


Furniture makes use of both flexible and rigid PVC. While flexible PVC is used for inflatable couches, chairs and covering; rigid PVC is used for panels and handles. A thin film of this material is used in bathroom and kitchen furniture.

Credit cards

Because of being durable, flexible, cost effective and easy to print on, PVC is among the most common materials used for making debit, phone and credit cards. It is easy to imprint numbers on these cards made of PVC with heat application.


The functional qualities of this material makes it an excellent material for protective clothing outdoors. Whether it is for packaging or for manufacturing rainwear, PVC plays a major role.

Hence, the role of PVC can not be overlooked in the consumer goods industry. There are a number of companies that manufacture PVC hanger bags, pouches, soap hanger, sachet display and so on.