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2007 NFL Draft Predictions – 11 through 20

2007 NFL Draft Predictions – 11 through 20

Last time I wrote about my top 10 2007 nfl draft predictions in this years up and coming draft!

With less than 2 weeks away, it is very exciting to see who the next big stars will be in the NFL and who will end up where. All the spectulation and hype can now be finished!

Without further adue, here are my picks for 11-20.

11. San Francisco 49ers Selects Alan Branch, Michigan

Why?: Branch is a HUGE tackle that will fit Mike Nolan’s 3-4 scheme perfectly. He can be used as a rookie and be there for years to come. Everyone needs to stop the run, why not have this guy who would be the highest ranking left on the board at this time.

12. Buffalo Bills Selects Patrick Willis, Mississippi

Why?: The Bills just lost London-Fletcher, and Willis is the best middle LB in the draft. This guy is also a tackling machine! I figure the Bills have too many needs to not choose this guy.

13. St. Louis Rams Selects Adam Carriker, Nebraska

Why?: St. Louis needs help on Defense and a pass rusher is just what they need. It maybe temping to take someone like Leon Hall here, since their secondary problems are definitely still there. However, I think there are better CB’s they could potentially take in the later rounds so I like Carriker here.

14. Carolina Panthers Selects Greg Olsen, Miami

Why?: Will give Carolina the best TE in the draft and take some pressure off Keyshawn and Steve Smith. He could end up being one of the better TE’s in the league. The Panthers also could go for a LB here but I think the talent of Olsen is more than enough to take him here (especially given there is really only 2 high profile TE’s in the draft).

15. Pittsburgh Steelers Selects Ted Ginn JR, Ohio State

Why?: Ginn is a speed wagon and would bring a lot of energy to the special teams. He would also make a great 2nd or 3rd WR. Pittsburgh is set at Running Back with Willie Parker, but still need a deep threat since Burress and Randle El has departed.

16. Green Bay Packers Selects Marshawn Lynch, California

Why?: Green Bay lost long time RB Green to the Houston Texans and it is time to draft a solid RB to fill the hole. Lynch is the 2nd best RB in the draft and although someone like Nelson would be interesting, I think RB or WR would be a far more pressing need. They also could decide to take someone like Dwayne Bowe or Robert Meachem.

17. Jacksonville Jaguars Selects Reggie Nelson, Florida

Why?: Deon Grant is gone and Safety is a very pressing need for the Jags. They need a starter in which Nelson should be able to give them for many years to come. They have taken RBs and WR’s in the past few drafts using their higher picks, I think this year it will be time to address the defense.

18. Cincinnati Bengals Selects Leon Hall, Michigan

Why?: A lot of draft boards have Leon Hall closer to the top 10 mark, however I feel he slips due to other defensive players going first. It is hard to judge if someone is going to be a great cover in the NFL, so most teams are a bit sceptical to spend a first round pick here. I think Hall is a good choice for the Bengals who are in deep need for a quality CB, and Hall appears to have the most talent out of the group.

19. Tennesse Titans Selects Robert Meachem, Tennesse

Why?: Tennesse just spent their 1st rounder last year on Vince Young so they now need someone to catch the ball he throws. Meachem is one of the best quality WRs in the draft and will make the Titans a better team. A home boy like Meachem is just what they need.

20. N.Y Giants Selects Paul Poslusnzy, Penn State

Why?: The Giants have a glaring need for a LB, especially given LaVar Arrington was a bust last season. This will solidy their LB position for many years to come.

Next time, Ill talk about the remaining draft picks and my final 2007 nfl draft predictions at the end of round one(21-32)! In two weeks, we’ll see if they come true!

Until next time,